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Hi, we're the Balanced Beyars.

HEALTH coach sisters

Alaina 'Beyar' Cross

newport, ri

IIN Holistic Health Coach

IIN Hormone Health Specialist

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CoFounder Balanced Beyars Health


Carly Beyar

new york, ny

IIN Holistic Health Coach

IIN Hormone Health Specialist

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Fitness Nutrition

CoFounder Balanced Beyars Health


Julie Beyar

boston, ma

IIN Holistic Health Coach

Lululemon Educator

CoFounder Balanced Beyars Health


Our Story

The three Beyar girls grew up playing soccer, each from the age of 4 all the way through their perspective college days. Upon graduation, and without a coach instructing them what to do, the girls struggled slightly with their transition into the real world, leaving their active lifestyle behind (for just a hot minute!). This temporary adjustment caused them to become passionate about taking care of themselves mind, body, and soul.


First on the list was all things food, specifically learning how to make home-cooked meals (college cafeteria inspired grilled cheeses weren't cutting it anymore!) and also understanding how food impacted their bodies. Through their own ups and downs and much trial and error, they quickly became obsessed with the idea that living a healthy lifestyle goes well beyond what lies on their plates... and they couldn't wait to share this notion with everyone they knew!


All three "Beyar Girls" attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016 and started taking on clients right away. The many positive changes that they helped bring about in their clients only continued to fuel their fire. Carly and Alaina went on to receive their certificates as IIN Hormone Health Specialists, and most recently as NASM certified personal trainers.


As coaches, their main goal is to educate and empower others to live a well-balanced, sustainable lifestyle.  Their hope is to show people that being healthy can be pretty darn simple, easy, and so much fun.   


They have an array of coaching programs that are all about adding in the good stuff (aka fruits & vegetables), staying active, and ditching bad habits for optimal hormone health. 


Living a life that sways to both sides of the scale, without guilt, worry, or restrictions.  Rather than balance, perhaps we're always mastering the act of "balancing", and loving every minute of the journey. 

our family

and friends


Meaningful connections with our loved ones and our community are everything to us. They are our soul fuel! (Probably why we love coaching clients so much, hehe.)

being fit

for life

Moving our bodies in some way every single day, whether that's crushing a workout at the gym, vacuuming the house, or taking the stairs at work.  An active body is a happy body. 



Bringing back simplicity the way nature intended it be. We have a passion for nontoxic living, from the food on our plate to household/beauty products in our homes. We also care deeply about our individual impact we have on this beautiful planet of ours.

Things we're obsessed with....

So, what is a health coach?

A health coach is a supportive mentor (aka your new best friend) who works with clients around general well-being to optimize their health through positive diet and lifestyle changes.


As coaches, we provide tools, accountability, and motivation to our clients to order to help them reach their goals (from food to fitness and everywhere in between).


Our coaching practice is deeply rooted in the belief that every single person is truly unique, and it just takes a little digging to find out how to work in partnership with their body... for life. 


We're not here to push certain diets, tell you what to do, or make you hear our personal view points. We're in the business of getting to the bottom of what works best for YOU and only you.

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