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Grocery Haul Guide: Trader Joe's Edition


Grocery Haul Guide: Trader Joe's Edition




Do you feel anxious at the grocery store? Confused about what's really healthy? Not sure what to buy organic? Are you fooled by food nutrition labels because of their marketing? Are you worried about what brands are the best option? Are you out of of grocery list ideas? Well, this eBook is for you.

We made this eBook to change your mindset and provide you the tools to make grocery shopping an enjoyable, affordable and achievable experience.


42 pages jam-packed with:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our favorite picks from Trader Joe's [animal proteins, veggies, grains, fruit, protein bars, dressings, nut butters, spices and seasonings and much more!]

  • Knowledgable science-backed tips and tricks throughout

  • Our favorite brands/resources that help save money

  • Printable "Balanced Beyars Approved" grocery shopping list

  • Printable "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean Fifteen" Guides

  • Private "Balanced Beyars Fam" Facebook Group access!

don't just take our word for it...

Alanna L.

age 29

exercise physiologist

"As someone who works with athletes and individuals of all ages and abilities, this book unlocks the key that so many of my clients are missing. Whether you are looking to seriously ‘up your game’ as a competitive athlete and become a healthier working machine, or even if you just want to FEEL GOOD throughout your day-to-day life by reducing inflammation and fueling your body right, this e-book teaches an easy and sustainable way to make a long-lasting change for the better!


Balanced Beyars have changed how I look at food. After reading this book, I’ll never navigate the grocery store the same way again!"

Shannon F.

age 26


"My biggest grocery shopping problem is overbuying and wasting food OR trying to plan my meals in my head while there (I need a list).


I feel I am better prepared for hitting my fav place TJs. The book had great information to educate me, broke it down into categories to help simplify the shopping experience and didn’t overwhelm me with feeing like I couldn’t make the attainable choices. I feel ready to make my shopping experiences more beneficial and well-rounded now!"

Chelsey C.

age 27


"I love this E-book! It's the best of all things Beyar wrapped up in one package. You get their amazing reasoning behind WHY they pick each item and it's put together in a way that is easy to read and even easier to bring to Trader Joe's. With this E-Book, I am able to stock my kitchen with affordable staples that can help make any meal last minute and help me know I am eating to support my body. "

Steph W.

age 29

operations manager

"Fantastic read! The product recommendations have been key in getting me in and out of Trader Joe's in 20 minutes flat. My favorite part is the grocery list they include which has become a staple during my Saturday mornings at the store. This e-book is simple to follow along and sprinkled with helpful tips throughout the entire read. I would absolutely recommend this GROCERY HAUL FOOD GUIDE to anyone like myself who is looking to average <20 minutes grocery shopping/week while also eating clean and on a budget."

this ebook is for you if...

  • You think that being healthy is expensive, unattainable and hard to do!

  • You're straight up overwhelmed at the grocery store

  • You're unsure if what you buy is healthy or not based on YOU and your goals.

  • You need to know what the healthiest/cleanest option is for the item you're looking for.  

  • You want to make better decisions and save money!

  • You feel fooled by marketing labels on food packaging.

  • You need support with a grocery list.

what do i need TO DOWNLOAD THIS EBOOK?

iPhone or computer to

download eBook

Access to a Trader Joe's

grocery store

A new, positive mindset about grocery shopping

But what if I don't live near a Trader Joe's?

Do not fear! Majority of the food items that we suggest can be found at any local grocery store :) You'll just have to find the non-TJ's brand equivalent, which we can help you with. Email us!


DOWNLOAD to your phone


Answers to questions we get asked the most!

Why is the majority of food you buy organic?

Why do you buy "raw" instead of "roasted"?

How do you feel about plastic wrapping?

Why do you cook with "those" oils and not "these"?

I noticed you don't buy regular bread, why?

What's the difference between wild-caught & farm raised fish?

What chips, crackers or dips do you suggest?

How do you feel about bars?

When are frozen products better than fresh?

What's the big deal with nutrition labels and becoming your own food detective?

What's better: full-fat, reduced-fat or fat-free?

Why do you buy the foods that you buy?

How do you feel about carbohydrates?

Balanced Beyar approved groceries..

We'll share every single go-to hormone balancing grocery item that we personally buy and eat every week! We provided pictures and names of the products for each category so that when you're grocery shopping through the aisles of TJ's, the products will be easier to find! 

  • animal PROTEIN

  • HEALTHY oils



  • grains


  • legumes


  • dressing

  • baking

We even took the liberty to tell you what section of the store the product resides! Oh, the convenience!

but wait, there's more

Bonus Print -Outs

Our ultimate goal is to make grocery shopping the easiest, most affordable and accessible experience for you.

We went ahead and created two amazing print-outs for your convenience:

  • [1] The best and most delicious hormone balancing print-out Grocery List

  • [2] The most up-to-date 2019 Clean15 and Dirty Dozen food lists so that you never have to wonder if buying organic for certain foods is worth the pretty penny!


Grocery Haul Guide: Trader Joe's Edition