PMS-free & predictable cycles are in your future when you enroll in 

Power of Periodization.

We've coached over 500 menstruators to become pros at tracking their unique cycles, naturally banish PMS, and achieve the best periods of their lives. Let us help you get there with our result-proven program, too.

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*Important* Doors open for enrollment Monday, February 14th and close on Monday, February 28th! You must sign up during the enrollment period to grab your spot.










Can you picture this for yourself

  • You're a professional at tracking your own unique flow and cycle.
  • You recognize what phase you're in and how to further support yourself.
  • In fact, your phase dictates your entire day and gives you a game plan.
  • You eat certain foods and adjust your exercise to meet yourself where you're at in your cycle.
  • You no longer feel hopeless, helpless, and defeated by your flow & your symptoms.
  • You feel empowered and educated on what to do next.
  • You have a whole new sense of cycle and fertility awareness.
  • Your PMS and period pain no longer come around as often (but when it does you know how to troubleshoot).
  • You officially feel at home & in partnership with your body.

By now you're probably thinking, is this real life!? YUP, we're here to tell you it's possible to live a PMS-free life with predictable cycles. Our clients are living-proof that once you live the Power of Periodization (POP) lifestyle, you'll never look back.

Are you ready for the POP life?


  • PMS
  • painful/heavy/missing periods
  • uncontrollable cravings (especially around the time of your period)
  • sore boobs (hurts to touch)
  • bloated constantly
  • acne
  • nagging headaches
  • exhausted (more often than not)
  • painful cramps that impact your day
  • brain fog/memory loss
  • water retention
  • weight gain
  • stubborn fat
  • loss of muscle tone
  • (and more)


  • you're feeling confused about how your body and your cycle works
  • you have no idea when your next flow is going to come
  • you're afraid to come off hormonal birth control
  • you're worried that you'll get pregnant every day of the month
  • you're unsure about what steps to take to improve your cycle health
  • you think negatively about your body and you have poor self-talk
  • you feel like you have no self-control around food leading to vicious cycles of restricting and binging
  • you're disconnected to your own body


  • you feel defeated like you've tried everything to help your painful/missing/irregular periods but nothing seems to be working
  • you're misunderstood by your parents, partner, and others in your life
  • you're scared and feeling alone with your problems
  • you're feeling anxious and depressed leading up to your period
  • you're fed up with trying new things for your health but not seeing any improvements
  • you're READY to change
I'm ready to change.


"When I came in to POP, I was on the verge of a breakdown. Over the last year I had gained a lot of weight, after being very underweight from disordered eating.

Since POP, I’ve started to stop caring about what my body LOOKs like but how I’m fueling it correctly and how it FEELS best. After 4 months, I’m feeling and seeing changes because of the POP life. I even got my period back! I feel so educated about my body, and cannot wait to learn more and share the wealth of knowledge with everyone I know.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. It is wonderful to have such a strong community of women who are going through this process together. Thank you Beyars sisters for finally introducing to me a sustainable lifestyle that excites me."


Four years ago, we were in your shoes...

  • Our diets lacked nutrients and we over-exercised because it's all we knew while playing college soccer.
  • We had no idea about our cycle, distinct phases, fertility biomarkers and natural hormone fluctuations.
  • We had bad PMS, acne, bloating, missing periods (amenorrhea), PCOS, and frequent bouts of IBS, anxiety and depression.
  • Alaina was told she would have a hard time conceiving because of her PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).
  • Julie had painful cramps to the point of missing work.
  • Carly had no sign of a period for months and mood swings which often left her feeling misunderstood and irrational.
  • We were all prescribed hormonal birth control to "cure" our problems!

Does this sound familiar to you?

This is SO me.

Live in alignment with your natural hormone fluctuations.

We teach you & provide you the tools on how to eat, exercise, and live in alignment with your naturally fluctuating hormones all cycle long. You'll understand how to adjust to further support each phase of your cycle.

Become a pro at tracking your cycle.

We'll give you the tools & education on how to track the 4 phases of your cycle, as well as recognize important cycle events (like ovulation). We also take time to introduce you to the world of fertility biomarkers (cervical mucus, LH tests, BBT, and more). With all of this combined, you'll understand YOUR  unique cycle more than ever before.

Achieve PMS-free, painless & predictable cycles.

After just 4.5 months with us, 100% of our clients noticed improvements in the state and predictability of their periods, severity of their PMS, and/or duration of their cycle. You won't believe how good you feel after living a lifestyle that supports your cycle & body, as opposed to battling against it.


POP is our 5-month LIVE coaching eCourse where we teach you how to kiss your PMS, painful & unpredictable periods goodbye. We did the legwork & created a result-proven roadmap so all you have to do is sign up, join this incredible community of menstruators from all over the world, & start implementing the tips, immediately (#PeriodTransformation)

Month-to-Month Lessons (covering all things cycle health)

Over the course of POP, there are 12 hours worth of hormones health/phase/cycle lessons, videos, PDFs & cheat sheets. The lessons open over time so that we can pace our work load & go over the materials together.

9 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Balanced Beyars Health

This round of POP, we are offering four check in calls + five 90-minute monthly recap calls so that you feel confident in the material. Our calls are in-depth presentations with beautiful imagery and fun P.O.P. Quizzes so that you feel excited about learning!

M, W, F Office Hours with Your Coaches

Inside of the private Slack group, you can ask your coaches anything during the week! We take time to give you thorough and well researched responses to guide you in the right direction.

Private POP Slack Community

This Slack group is a game-changer for so many clients! Feeling a sense of belonging and communicating with others who "get it" can help you "feel seen" and hold you accountable throughout your hormone healing journey.

FREE 6-Month Membership to Lunae Collective (On-demand Workouts for Your Phases) *when you pay in full*

We partnered with Lunae Collective to give you access to a platform of workouts for each phase of your cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, luteal).

*BONUS* Phase Recipe eBooks

You will never feel lost in the kitchen with us! POP stars have access to over 40 recipes for each phase of your cycle, provided by POP Chefs Maddie Scannapieco & Kelsey Neyman. The eBooks break down which recipes are great for which phase.

*BONUS* Pre-recorded Lectures with Hormone Health Experts

We give you access to over 10+ hours worth of video lessons with hormone health experts in the space (ex. @bunsinbalance, @golden.wellness, @Lauren.bongiorno) *Valued at $1,500


The POP Curriculum

Take a look at how we format our program and find out what's inside!

Enroll in POP between February 14-28th.

You will receive immediate access to our community Slack group and POP portal with lessons ready to learn while we wait for doors to close.

POP begins on March 1st! 

We pop off the program with our first LIVE group call to welcome everyone and go over logistics! The first month's lessons are the MOST important. You will be able to start living in alignment with your cycle shortly after sign up. LET'S GO!

New lessons will gradually open up over the 5 months of the program!

We love slowly pacing the release of the lessons so that you don't feel overwhelmed with the information. We make sure you feel fully confident in the materials and have all questions answered before moving onto the next lessons.

We host LIVE group zoom calls to recap the lessons & answer questions!

Our group zoom calls are our favorite way to connect with clients. This round of POP, we will have 9 LIVE calls (4 check-in calls and 5 recap calls) so that you are 100% confident in living the POP life. We hold you accountable throughout your healing journey! *All calls are optional and recorded to rewatch.*

Can't wait to live the POP life

How much does POP cost?

We pride ourselves in creating one of the most affordable group health coaching programs in the space. You are receiving over $7,369 in value over the next 4.5 months for a fraction of the cost! It's your right as a menstruator to learn about your body without breaking the bank. 




We teamed up with lunae collective to give you the ultimate POP experience. When you pay in full, you receive these bonuses and enter to win prizes.

  • FREE 6-month membership to lunae collective (on-demand workouts for your phases)
  • Self-Love Sessions (12 meditation & workout video practices)
  • Be Moved: A Cyclical Guide to Self-Love (pdf)
  • Automatically entered to win prizes:
    • #1. Cycle Survival Kit ($381 value)
    • #2. 1-year membership to lunae collective ($108 value)
    • #3. Balanced Beyars Health Grocery Haul eGuide & Recipe eBook


$99.99 for 5 months


When you choose this option, you will receive bonus gifts from lunae collective

  • 7-day trial to lunae collective (on-demand workouts for your phases)
  • Self-Love Sessions (12 meditation & workout video practices)
  • Be Moved: A Cyclical Guide to Self-Love (pdf)

POP is the perfect program for you, if you want to...

  1. learn how to find a functional medicine doctor and get your hormones tested.
  2. get to know your flow and learn how to chart your cycle.
  3. understand the 4 phases (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, luteal) and the natural hormone fluctuations that predictably happen across your cycle.
  4. recognize your fertility biomarkers and understand how to confirm your ovulation (the main event of your cycle!)
  5. eat food according to the 4 phases of your cycle (with our POP Playbook, print outs, cheat sheets, and recipes) and learn ways to add in minerals to best support your overall menstrual health. 
  6. exercise with a game plan according to the 4 phases of your cycle (plus on-demand workouts provided by Lunae Collective)
  7. reduce your PMS (cramps, period pain, bloating, acne, cyclical headaches, etc.) and have the tools to troubleshoot when problems arise in the future. *because NO ONE is perfect.*
  8. regain predictable and painless periods that come on time like clockwork. No more guessing when your period is coming!!!
  9. transition off of hormonal birth control safely and have a food, exercise, and lifestyle roadmap for life after the pill, IUD, or patch. 
  10. learn how to build your plate and how to manage your blood sugar naturally (diet, exercise, lifestyle).
  11. learn ways that stress impacts your entire endocrine system and how to add in daily habits that keep you zen. 
  12. walk away from this program with a new hormone-healthy mindset, relationship with your cycle, and overall FOREVER lifestyle. 


POP is NOT the perfect program for you, if you want to...

  1. use POP as a guide to increase or decrease chances of getting pregnant (Although POP teaches you about your fertility biomarkers/cycle and promotes a LIFESTYLE that naturally supports fertility - this is not the main goal of the program. This requires in-depth analysis and charting with each individual client and it's not something we offer at this moment! We do think it's amazing to note that clients have come to us and were able to conceive with the natural lifestyle changes that we suggest *but it is not why they enrolled in POP*! )
  2. restrict foods/food groups, count calories, and/or be provided a meal plan.
  3. strategically lose weight as your main goal. (This is an incredible indirect result for some people who join our program, but *POP is not a weight loss program*.)
  4. find a quick fix or supplement to cure your hormonal problems! This program takes effort and time for long lasting change!

Kae F. (Fall 2021)

"Before POP, I was not eating in sync with my cycle. I was not even aware there are 4 phases in a woman’s cycle, lol. I have PCOS so my cycle was irregular and my doctors solution was birth control. After joining your program, I started to track my cycle and make changes to my diet. I take my BBT every morning and take ovulation tests to track my hormones using the Premom app. I’ve also started working out which didn’t happen much if at all before pop. Since POP, I am excited to say that I now how regular periods every 32-35 days!!  I understand my cycle and feel confident in my ability to eat according to my cycle and track my cycle!  You all exceeded my expectations! I loved how engaged you were and how response everyone was in the slack groups. I loved all the lessons and information. Loved the guest speakers as well! I loved this course. The information is so helpful and I’m now confident in the phases of my cycle. Still working on integrating the food and workouts. Slowly but surely! This course is extremely valuable! I think the current price is a bargain! Because of all the extras you provide, I think you could easily charge more. I love all three of you!"

Carly H. (Fall 2021)

"Thank you POP for EVERYTHING! The mindset shift & awareness that has resulted from taking this course is worth it alone. The way in which I honor, appreciate & connect with my body is freaking magical. The alignment I feel in the decisions I'm making have empowered me to be my own best advocate. I feel more informed about my hormone health & how to align my lifestyle with my cycle. It's been an honor to learn from Carly, Alaina & Julie. I LOVED POP!! The content was straight forward, informative & loved the videos within the course. Slack channel was helpful and I loved being able to pin/save others questions or tips to reference. You all are seriously so inspiring, relatable & authentic. You have all been responsive, committed & cheerleaders throughout this program. Hormone hype women for sure! Don't change a thing!"

Maria M. (Fall 2021)

"I feel so good overall. Beyond my period, focusing on balancing my blood sugar has really improved my energy levels and my mood. I feel so much more jazzed about life because I'm so in tune with my body and what I can do to best support it, which is such a cool feeling. I've almost entirely eliminated PMS and my period has been sneaking up on me. Cramps are so minimal I don't even notice I have my period and less heavy bleeding after having extremely heavy periods for the past 10 years! The biggest mindset shift has been focusing on what I can do for my body. Learning that every time I put food in my mouth is an opportunity to fuel my body was life-changing. I love the freedom that the POP life brings. I don't have to be perfect, I can eat a pizza and ice cream if I want, but focusing on wellness overall and supporting my hormones makes me feel so good. This program was worth every dollar I paid for!"


Kathryn S. (Fall 2021)

"You made everyone feel loved and important as well as part of your "crew" which welcomed everyone into your community. Even though I have never met you in person, you reassured me that you were here for me and willing to talk through anything - that meant the world to me!"

Rachel B. (Fall 2021)

"I feel better holistically, less bloating, blood sugar drops, etc. I have been missing my period for 1.5 years after coming off of 10 years of HBC and got one period two months ago! Ever since POP I understand so much more about my body now (Why I have sugar cravings, the importance of eating before caffeine, adjusting my exercise to my “cycle” and diving into my different energy levels.) I can not believe how much you can do to help support your cycle in all the different phases - my main focus has been exercise syncing, as well as the type of cooking methods (roast vs sauté). I always paid attention to the nutritional labels for calories but paying more attention to ALL ingredients (saying hell no to canola oil and limiting sunflower lechitin, etc)  I LOVE the convos that I am able to have with friends to help share how much we have to learn about our bodies and am so thankful to y’all for all of the information that I’ll constantly be referring back to! Oh, and the body image convo was unreal spot on for me and appreciated that information so much! I absolutely loved POP. Having the resources to refer back to were so helpful. At first I thought things may have been a little too scientific but y’all broke it down to be so relatable. The PDFs may be my favorite because I refer back to them and even put the breakdown of each cycle with suggested foods inside my pantry for easy access!"