Say goodbye to period problems & PMS and say hello to the Power of Periodization in 2021.

We're teaching women the foundations of eating & exercising according to their monthly cycle and natural hormonal rhythms.


Inside of Power of Periodization, we periodize our workouts and eating habits to align with our hormonal patterns and the 4 distinct phases of our menstrual cycle.

When we do this, our hormones who needed love & support for so long finally get the TLC they've been asking for.... and then everything just starts to FLOW.


No more battling our bodies.

No more horrible acne.

No more aching cramps.

No more mood swings & hangriness.


More living life feeling happy, confident and PMS-free.

That's the power of periodization.


Doors close on October 14th at 11:59pm est.



  • Do you cry over ridiculous things, like how cute a puppy is on a Bank of America commercial?

  • Do you feel like sometimes you have absolutely no motivation to workout?

  • Do you lash out on your friends and family members over insignificant things?

  • Do you find yourself sad at times, although you are content with your life?

  • Do you find it extremely difficult to lose weight, NO MATTER what you do?

  • Are you suffering with insomnia and wake up exhausted?

  • Do you have hot flashes so badly that you're sleeping naked the window open in 30 degree weather?

  • Do you find yourself hangry 50-99% of the day?

  • Are there times when your cramps are so bad that you don't want to leave the house.... or worse - you have to miss school or work?

  • Do you have ZERO libido?

  • Do you sometimes forget where you put things, and then end up putting your cellphone in the fridge? (Yea, me neither). 

  • Are you addicted to hard workouts and pushing yourself to your limits in the gym every day?

News flash.....

But don't worry, boo. You're not alone with your hormonal woes...


The three of us have personally dealt with what feels like every hormonal imbalance under the sun, too. For example, Alaina has PCOS, Carly struggled with secondary amenorrhea/missing period, and Julie struggles with IBS & anxiety.


Between the three of us, chances are we've experienced some of the issues you might be experiencing now.

Here's the good news though....

  • After we committed ourselves to having a deeper understanding our bodies & our cycles, everything started to make so much sense.

  • When we began organizing our life around the 4 phases, everything became easier. Life started to just flow. 

  • After we began to view our food & fitness habits as a means of LOVING SUPPORT, we've never felt better. And we've never loved our bodies more. 

We're here to teach you how to live WITH your hormones, instead of battling AGAINST them. We deserve to live in hormonal harmony. That's what the POP LIFE all about.



Too many women don't know enough about their bodies.

....and it’s not our fault. Our society views “period talk” as a taboo subject. We were never taught about our fluctuating hormones or how to live with them. Starting at a young age, we grew up afraid & confused about our own bodies, dreading our monthly "gift" like it was the plague, and belittling what our bodies can do. It's sad that we were taught that our bodies were a burden....because that couldn't be farther from the truth!




Too many women don't know ANYTHING about the 4 phases of their cycle

The majority of scientific studies are done on men who have 24-hour hormonal cycles (ONE DAY! Meaning, their hormones reset every 24 hours!). Meanwhile, females have a 28-DAY hormonal cycle! Our bodies are continually changing, which means that we have different lifestyle and dietary needs during each of our cycle's phases: menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulatory phase, luteal phase.


When a woman tries to intermittent fast during her period/menstrual phase, she might end up gaining weight instead of losing/maintaining weight because her caloric needs are higher during that time in her cycle to support her hormones. Restricting her calories will tell her body that she's in danger and that she needs to hang on to the limited nutrients that she's currently consuming. So she's eating less, but gaining weight. FRUSTRATING, RIGHT?!

Our society boasts effectiveness from these trendy diets from studies that are done on the male physiology. We are NOT men, and it's time we started treating OUR bodies differently!!!!!




Too many women are suffering in silence on a daily basis and thinking it's normal.

As women, we see things like: raging PMS, light/heavy/nonexistent periods, hormonal acne, etc. as acceptable... as these issues are just "the cards the we're dealt with". THIS IS NOT TRUE.

In terms of fitness, women are running their bodies down to the ground to lose weight and feel good in their skin (often without seeing results) . This constant "go hard or go home" attitude is unknowingly putting our hormones out of whack, compounding our issues. POP is here to help you switch your mindset.... respecting our body's exercise needs in each phase is the EASIEST & QUICKEST way for you to reach your exercise goals!



Too many women are not sure what to do next, so they just give up before they start.


Starting today, you are leaving all of that nonsense behind. 

We are telling you right here, right now that as women, OUR HEALTH IS IN OUR CONTROLNew science is proving that diet and lifestyle adjustments can help relieve our hormonal woes. This is exactly why we're here!

Through the Power of Periodization, our goal is that you'll...

  • Gain knowledge on how your lifestyle and diet impact your hormones.

  • Fall in love with the 4 phases of your cycle!

  • Strive for symptom-free menstrual cycles (they are totally possible!). Plus, regular and predictable cycles, too.

  • Feel more motivated to keep up a consistent workout routine.

  • Live in a peaceful partnership with the natural ebbs & flows of your hormones.

  • Workout LESS & get MORE results.

  • Feel energized throughout the entire day (without caffeine).

  • Feel at home in your own body!

  • Start to sleep the entire night and wake up like a new woman!

  • Bring back your libido! LFG!






Hormone Health coaching, lessons, and tips to implement immediately! You'll leave the program with new hormone-healthy habits.

Exclusive POP Playbook: Your new go-to daily hormone guide for food and fitness. Seriously, you won't be able to live without it!

12-week progressive workout program according to your 4 phases.  Shannon Fay provides HIIT, strength training, pilates, core, intervals & bonus Yoga by Mary Fay & Tara J.

Exclusive Phase recipes by Julie Beyar. Her nutrition inspiration for each phase will be your new weekly staples.


Living the POP life means...


  • Raising my awareness on how my diet and lifestyle is impacting my hormone health.

  • Falling in love with the 4 phases of my cycle.

  • Educating myself on how to have symptom-free menstrual cycles, and if not, knowing how to troubleshoot for the next time around.

  • Feeling motivated to keep up with a workout routine that invigorates me, and never burns me out!

  • Allowing me to live in a peaceful partnership with the natural ebbs and flows of my hormones.

  • Encouraging me to workout LESS and get MORE results.

  • Energizing me throughout the day, without relying on coffee.

  • Helping me feel at home in my body.

  • Bringing back my libido (hubba hubba!)

  • Allowing me to sleep the entire night and wake up feeling refreshed!

  • Kissing PMS good-bye!





My first impression of POP by the Balanced Beyars sisters did not disappoint. I have worked with the girls for the past few years and upon initial meeting I had just about every symptom that most women battle with on a monthly basis not knowing that it had to do with a hormone imbalance. Many women like myself, thought it was normal to be feeling the way I did because it was what came with having a menstrual cycle.

The Balanced Beyars' have supported and provided me with the tools and resources to educate myself on how much our bodies differ from our male counterparts. The information and advice I was almost always given by my health professionals did not find the root cause of my symptoms but simply masked them. 

My whole perspective and life has shifted through my experiences with working with the sisters and being a part of their program. I am excited that the launch of POP will delve into the hormonal issues in a way that we can all understand and put into practice to thrive and be our best selves.




The Balanced Beyars ladies have outdone themselves with this POP program!!!

For the first time I really feel like I have guidance, support, and tools I need to really listen to my body and give it what it needs.

I am so relieved to know that I’m not alone in my struggles to figure out what works best for me (especially as a previously long-term hormonal birth control user!)