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These. are. life.

For real though, these squares are our go-to dessert probably 7 days a week. We've posted about them before in different variations. [You can check them out as "Reese's Squares" here and as Peppermint Bark during the holidays here] But today, we're going to show you how to make them in their simplest form. #StraightFudge.

We like to call these treats "fat bombs" because they are loaded with fat [THE GOOD KINDS]. Healthy fats help you to feel full, which means that one #FudgeLife square will be more than enough.... aka you don't have to worry about ODing on these.

Make one batch at the beginning of the week. Cut them up into small squares. Enjoy one delicious cube a night to curb those cravings! It's too easy.....

This recipe was adapted from our #CoachCrush Kelly LeVeque's book "Body Love" (which everyone should be purchasing and reading if you haven't done so already).


  • coconut oil (preferably extra virgin, unrefined, cold pressed)

  • 100% cacao powder

  • peanut butter/almond butter (whichever you prefer)

  • [optional] chocolate chips or cacao chips

  • [optional] Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate & Blackberry flavor for some extra protein in each bite, but not necessary. [you can use any Vital flavor for this!]

  • [optional] unsweetened coconut flakes

  • [optional] raisons

  • [optional] walnuts

*PSSSSSST- for this recipe, we never measure out all of the ingredients above. It all depends on how big your tray is, how thick you want the squares, or how many servings you want to make. We know that sounds annoying, but just eye ball it as you go!


  • small microwave safe bowl

  • small freezer safe tray, glass container, or pan

*TRAY SIZE is completely up to you! Sometimes we make very large servings of the fudge if there are a few guests, and other times we just make one serving's worth for ourselves.


  1. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt about 1-3 TBSP of coconut oil until liquid.

  2. Add around 1-2 TBSP of 100% cacao powder and stir until smooth.

  3. Option to add 1 scoop of Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate & Blackberry.

  4. Pour mixture into a shallow freezer safe container.

  5. Place in freezer. Make sure to place the tray on a flat surface so that the base layer freezes evenly.

  • *If you are looking to add toppings, we highly suggest you let the mixture firm up slightly for about 5 minutes first [keep an eye on this]. Place toppings on top so that they'll stick!

  1. If you're going without the toppings, let the mixture freeze for for 10-15 minutes to harden.

  2. Cut into squares and enjoy for the week!