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The Curriculum
What's included?

Do you curse the day your period was born?

Are your periods so painful that they leave you bedridden you once a month? 

Are you extra emotional near your period where you find yourself crying over small things like how cute a puppy is?

Are your mood swings impacting your relationship with your partner?

Does your period come and go when it wants?

Do you experience any of these symptoms below?

  • ACNE
  • RAGE

If you said, YES...No surprise here because 95% of menstruators are dealing with PMS symptoms. And that's not cool in our book.

Quick reminder: PMS symptoms are extremely common but that does not make them normal. It was and still is not our life's job to be miserable each month just because we have a period.


We have some grass-fed beef with women's health care today. 

#1. We don't know enough about our bodies. 

....and it’s not our fault. Our society views “period talk” as a taboo subject. We were never taught about our fluctuating hormones or how to live in partnership with them. Starting at a young age, we grew up afraid & confused about our own bodies, dreading our monthly "gift" like it was the plague, and belittling what our bodies are capable of. It's sad that we were taught that our bodies were a burden....because that couldn't be farther from the truth!

#2. We were never taught about the 4 phases of our cycle (or how to track them)

The majority of scientific studies are done on men who have 24-hour hormonal cycles (ONE DAY! Meaning, their hormones reset every 24 hours!). Meanwhile, females have a 28-DAY hormonal cycle! Our bodies are continually changing week-over-week, which means that we have different lifestyle and dietary needs during each phase: menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulatory phase, luteal phase. The  vast majority of us don't know anything about what each phase entails or how to even track them!

#3. We suffer silently on a daily basis because we think it's part of being a menstruator.


We see things like raging PMS, light/heavy/nonexistent periods, and hormonal acne as acceptable just because we menstruate... like these issues are the cards the we were dealt with. This is a problem because when we believe something is "inevitable", it usually means that we think we can't do ANYTHING about it. So during the entirety of their reproductive years, menstruators everywhere go about their lives accepting that their poor menstrual health is something they're stuck with for life.

#4. We are overly prescribed hormonal birth control to "solve" our period problems.

Getting prescribed the pill to fix your acne, bloating, painful, or missing periods is a DISSERVICE. This treatment masks the underlying problem and leaves it unaddressed...which can potentially make things worse in the long run. Oh and not to mention, when you decide to come off the synthetic hormones later, your problems likely will still be there waiting for you :(. Within POP, you'll learn there are things in our control that we can do to ease our PMS woes & improve the health of our periods.

#5. We don't know what to do next, so we give up.

Starting today, you are leaving all of that nonsense behind. Right here, right now, we are telling you that OUR HEALTH IS IN OUR CONTROL as menstruators. Diet and lifestyle adjustments can significantly help improve our menstrual health... and this is exactly why we're here! It all starts with learning about your cycle...

What if we told you that painless periods are possible every month when you have a cycle-strategy?


We're living proof that aligning our lives with our cycle works wonders.

The three of us have personally dealt with what feels like every hormonal imbalance under the sun, too. For example, Alaina has PCOS, Carly struggled with secondary amenorrhea/missing period, and Julie struggles with painful periods & anxiety. Between the three of us, chances are we've experienced some of the issues you might be experiencing now.

Very long story, short...

  • We immediately educated ourselves more on how we can address our hormonal imbalances naturally. We did not want to take medication to cover up the problem. We wanted to try and find the root cause of our imbalances so that we can solve our symptoms for good.

  • We saw functional medicine doctors & got our hormones tested so that we knew exactly what was going on with our unique bodies.

  • We started to track our periods & gathered data about our individual cycles.

  • We learned more about the 4 phases and began organizing our lives around these natural hormonal shifts. (Cycle awareness makes everything in your life FLOW effortlessly!)
  • After we began to view our food & fitness habits as a means of LOVING SUPPORT, we changed our old ways, routines and habits and we have never felt better. We've never loved and respected our bodies more. 

  • After we committed ourselves to having a deeper understanding our bodies & our cycles, everything started to make so much sense and our conditions improved immensely.

  • Overtime, Alaina managed her PCOS & was able to conceive naturally twice! Carly got her period back & now has regular, PMS-free flows. Julie is seeing improvements in her painful periods.

We're here to teach you how to live WITH your hormones, instead of battling AGAINST them. We deserve to live in hormonal harmony. That's what the POP LIFE all about. The POP life became a forever lifestyle for us and we want that for you, too.


Power of Periodization can help you...

  • Learn how to track your cycle & understand what your period is telling you each month.
  • Fall in love with the 4 phases of your cycle!
  • Gain knowledge on how your exercise, lifestyle, and diet impact your hormones.
  • Learn how to achieve symptom-free menstrual cycles (they are totally possible!). Plus, regular and predictable cycles, too.
  • Feel more motivated to keep up a consistent workout routine.
  • Live in a peaceful partnership with the natural ebbs & flows of your hormones.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot when symptoms like acne, bloating, mood swings, etc arrive.
  • Workout LESS & get MORE results.
  • Feel energized throughout the entire day (without caffeine).
  • Feel at home in your own body!
  • Start to sleep the entire night and wake up like a new person!
  • Bring back your libido! LFG!
  • Create new hormone-healthy habits that become part of your lifestyle long term.
  • Connect with other like-minded inspiring POP stars in our community

 POP can help you live your best life symptom-free because that's how your menstrual cycle should always be.


The Curriculum

The program is 4.5 months long + jam-packed with amazing education and coaching calls. Here's the breakdown...


Each month, we host a LIVE group call (and they are fun)

Inside the program, there are 5 LIVE zoom calls with the group to go over the lessons of the month. We pride ourselves in making the presentation fun by including P.O.P. quizzes + prizes & ending with Q&A.

  • August - Intro Call #1
  • End of August - Call #2
  • September - Call #3
  • October - Call #4
  • November- Final Call #5

We go over the basics.

While the 2-week enrollment period is open, we have some basic lessons ready for you to get a head start on start learning.

  • Schedule Doctor's Appointment "Test, Don't Guess"
  • Hormones 101
  • Most Common Hormone Imbalances + Conditions
  • POP Day 1 Letter To Yourself

We teach you how to track your cycle & make a game plan.

The first month's lessons are all about teaching you how to customize your own cycle strategy & calendar so that you have a game-plan for the remaining 4 months of the program...and beyond.

  • The 4 Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle & How to Eat and Exercise Accordingly
  • Why Ovulation Is Queen
  • Getting To Know Your Flow - Cycle FAQs, Flow FAQs, & Tracking Your Cervical Mucus
  • Why Hormonal Birth Control Shuts Down Your 4 Phases
  • Customize Your POP Calendar
  • Your POP Daily Journal (Optional Print-out)
  • Adopting the POP Life: Our Top Tips For Food!
  • Adopting the POP Life: Our Top Tips For Exercise!
  • A Day In The POP Life Examples
  • Cycle Report Cards

We teach you how to manage your blood sugar through diet & lifestyle choices.

We must never underestimate the power of food in our healing journey. The second month's lessons are all about teaching you how to build a balanced plate, read a nutrition label, and further support your blood sugar with lifestyle adjustments on a daily basis.

  • Blood Sugar 101
  • How to Build A Balanced Plate
  • Blood Sugar Tips: Diet & Lifestyle

  • 4 Phase Recipes eBook by @nourished_neymans

  • BONUS Recipes by @madd.healthy
  • Nutrition Label Reading 101: Masterclass

  • PMS Toolkit

  • Our Hot Take on Supplements

  • BONUS LIVE Cooking class with @thecyclicalcook
  • BONUS Lecture by @lauren_bongiorno on Balancing Your Blood Sugar with Diet, Exercise, Sleep, etc.
  • BONUS Lecture by @golden.wellness on Herbs for Hormones (Infusion demo inside)


We coach you on how to further support your adrenals, gut & liver because they have errrr-thang to do with your hormone health. 

The third month's lessons is all about helping you manage your stress, understand the gut-hormone connection and further support your body's detoxification and elimination systems through diet and lifestyle choices.

  • The Gut-Hormone Connection
  • Chronic Stress & Hormones
  • Environmental Toxins, Detoxification & Elimination
  • Switching Over To Nontoxic Products
    • Makeup/Skincare
    • Cleaning products
    • Water filters
    • Nail polish
    • Candles, etc
  • BONUS lecture with @nutritionrewired on Gut & hormone connection
  • BONUS LIVE meditation with @livewellwithjanelle

We revisit the topic of birth control and show you advanced methods of tracking your cycle & fertility naturally  

The fourth and final month of the program we discuss how hormonal birth control impacts our hormones, how to come off safely (if that is your wish!), and how to incorporate hormone-free & natural forms of contraception into your lifestyle. We also summarize how you can continue living the POP life beyond our time together.

  • Your Cycle on Hormonal Birth Control (Refresher) 
  • Coming Off Hormonal Birth Control Safely Recommendations & BONUS lecture by @bunsinbalance
  • Advanced Cycle & Fertility Tracking: Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM)
  • Making POP A Forever Lifestyle

You will leave our program feeling:

  • educated about your cycle

  • confident at living in alignment with your body's natural hormonal shifts

  • empowered about improving the health of your menstrual cycle

99% of students noted improvements during their time with us!


What's included in POP?

4.5 months of Regular Office hours with your BBH Hormone Health Coaches

We live and breathe for this group! Inside of POP, we engage you, hold you accountable, motivate you with prizes, and cater to every question you have. We pride ourselves in our accreditations, thorough research, and offering the best recommendations for the next steps.

Private POP Slack Group

We're getting EVEN closer to our POP community! Our Slack group will be an incredible way to communicate closely with clients, send announcements, share important information throughout our time together. You can send messages (private or to the group) to your coaches & others in the POP community for all 4 months!

We teach you how to track your cycle & collect data about your health

Inside POP, we teach you how to get to know your flow, understand how to track your phases & collect data about your cycle that can help you make the next step towards healing your imbalances. First, we start with calendar tracking *pen to paper* until you get used to it. By the end of the program, you'll be a professional tracker & can move on to our favorite apps & digital ways of tracking!

Four months full of FUN hormone health lessons!

We break down the complicated science for you & make the lessons highly relatable....all to help you understand your hormones & how to take simple steps to ease your symptoms and find more answers. If we don't know the answers or your ask is beyond our expertise, we refer you to someone who can best help.

Five Group Zoom calls filled with lesson recaps, fun POP Quizzes, and prizes!

We aim to make learning the complicated stuff fun & engaging, so that you can apply it to your own unique life seamlessly. We move through the program together with recap calls, but if you can't make them - NO WORRIES! We record all calls and add them to your portal so you never miss a beat!

Coaching on how to eat according to your 4 phases & *exclusive* recipes from Kelsey Neyman!

Not only do we provide you an entire month's worth of balanced blood sugar education and guidance on how to build your plate, but we also provide you food recipe inspiration throughout the 4 months of POP so that you feel fully supported. The recipes from Kelsey are FIRE! In addition, you'll have bonus recipes from us & @madd.healthy that are created with the goal of keeping your blood sugar in balance! 

Customizable Workout Calendar Recommendations by Phase

We provide you with phase-based workout recommendations, depending on your cycle variation (short, regular, long, unpredictable/missing period, or if you're on hormonal birth control). We're there every step of the way to support you to find the best routine for your body's unique needs.

Additional Fitness Resources

We give you the workout calendar structure and let YOU do your own thing! We partnered with our favorite trainers and we will give you recommendations of which phases the workouts are appropriate in (plus exclusive discounts to their programs)!

Period Report Cards to measure your menstrual cycle progress (total of 3)

Although this is optional, we encourage clients to complete & send in their Period Report Cards so that we can make sure their flow is improving progressively throughout the program. We note concerning points or cheer you on when you're doing AMAZING (we love being your Hormone Hype Girls).

'Learn and Burns'

We are constantly empowering you to continue learning about your hormones, your cycle, and your menstruating bod in any way that you can! We're HUGE fans of podcasts because they are easy on the go. We provide you with our top hormone health episodes from our favorite experts in the space.... so that you can up your knowledge while walking outside or riding the bike (hence the name 'Learn & Burn'), driving to work, or doing the dishes.

Individual Support (and time spent cross-referencing & fact-checking for you)

When you're a POP STAR, and you ask a question in our POP group....we pride ourselves in fact-checking and providing the best, most resourceful, and thorough answers to our clients about their hormone health concerns. If we don't know the answer to something, we provide you with a recommendation on where to go next.

Bonus Resources & Lessons!

You have exclusive access to bonus lessons & recipes by previous guests so you can continue learning!

  • Phase Recipes by @madd_healthy
  • Blood sugar management with @danihamilton
  • Coming off birth control safely with @bunsinbalance
  • Gut-hormone connection with @nutritionrewired
  • Herbs for women's health with @golden.wellness
  • 20-min meditation with @livewellwithjanelle

But wait...there's more! *infomercial voice*

Each time our program relaunches, we hire MORE experts in the hormone health space to give you LIVE  BONUS LECTURES throughout the course. This Fall session is jam-packed with extra value and you are not going to want to miss learning from these speakers!

Blood Sugar Support with @LaurenBongiorno (as seen on the Today Show!)

Lauren is coming to speak to us about the importance of managing blood sugar through diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep and more. 

How To Reduce Cramps with @Cycle.Nutritionist

Ariel is coming in to emphasize ways in which we can proactively naturally manage and reduce cramps during each cycle!

The Effects of Synthetic Hormones On Your Cycle with @BunsInBalance

Kelsie returns to POP with more information on how hormonal birth control impacts the 4 phases of your cycle & next steps on how to come off safely.

Meal Prepping 101 with @FreshWaterPeaches

Mariah is coming to teach the group about practical & easy ways to meal prep according to the 4 phases of your cycle.

Living with Chronic Illness with @JessicaEatsFood

Jessica is going to tell her story about life with endometriosis + give tips to POP stars on how to emotionally and mentally cope with chronic illness.

LIVE cooking class with @TheCyclicalCook

Kristina is going to demonstrate how to create snacks for each phase of the cycle (seed balls, hummus, and more)

LIVE Pilates class with the famous @KaraDuvalPilates

We are stoked to have Kara conduct a live pilates class *perfect for the luteal phase*! Her workouts saved us throughout quarantine!

Food Freedom & Body Image with @SprinkledByAl

We are excited to have Ally come motivate POP stars to reframe their mindset around food and their self confidence when it comes to how they view their bodies. Big mindset shifts here!

Seed Cycling & Culinary Herbs with @LoonaSeeds

Marlee teaches us about the benefits of seed cycling and how adding herbs into your life can help heal hormonal imbalances.

Essential Nutrients & Minerals for Hormone Health with @Golden.Wellness

Emily returns to POP with an incredible lecture on important nutrients to help support your hormones & how we can add them into our daily lives.


Here's a taste of some phase-based recipes inside POP created by Kelsey Neyman (brb, drooling)

Kelsey will be providing POP exclusive recipes for each phase of the cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, luteal) *dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO ingredients...just delicious whole foods that support our hormones throughout our cycle!


Read our Power of Periodization client testimonials & success stories!

1 month in, we asked POP stars what they thought of the program.

I am SOO in love!! this is exactly what I was looking for! I struggle with taking the time for myself and I have a huge disconnect with my body so the educational side to this while being able to learn at my own pace is amazing!! I am Hopeful for the next few months and being able to learn to live the pop life
I love it so much, I’m so proud of my own body and am learning to appreciate what I used to see as a major inconvenience.
Wonderful! I am feeling inspired and supported, and I have loved having the extra resources and ideas to track and improve my cycles (been trying to do it on my own for far too long).
Loving everything so far! I love the go at your own pace flow of everything and love hearing Julie, Carly and Alaina’s personal stories in each of the lessons. It makes everything feel much more achievable and attainable.

Two months into the program, POP stars shared results they are already seeing:

On day 1 of my period this month, I didn’t have cramps. For about 15 years, I’ve had debilitating cramps, I threw up all the time, I was reliant on medications, I switched birth controls more times than I can count to “stop” the cramps... my period this time actually snuck up on me for the first time ever
Down 4 pounds over the last 3 weeks! taking time to prep my breakfast and lunch before bed. Incorporating a night time routine!
I didn’t have intense cramps the morning of my period this cycle!! I have felt a lot better with my exercise schedule and not pushing my body when I shouldn’t. I feel more emotionally stable!!!
NO MIGRAINES DURING LUTEAL/MENSTRUAL PHASE!!! Lemon water EVERY MORNING and it is my new favorite. Also tried bone broth during menstrual phase and WOW!
Almost pain free period this month! Getting my calendar planned has been so helpful. My bf is loving learning and eating with me.

Three months into the program, and POP stars are like...

Before POP I had PMS symptoms 2 weeks before my period and now I HARDLY HAVE ANY PMS! 
My cramps improved big time! I wrote about this last month, but once again, my period snuck up on me (not really because I knew which day I should expect it, but no pain!) and I didn’t get cramps until the second day. I’m not throwing up or missing work which is unbelievable. I still can’t believe that I’ve spent all this time thinking that it always had to be that way 🤦🏼‍♀️
The biggest and most unexpected: I've been getting PMDD-level depressive episodes in the days leading up to my period for the last year. They didn't happen this time around!
I would say my biggest improvement so far would be actually just tracking my period and getting comfortable with it. It is something that I never was connected to and just really taboo, this last year and a half I truly have been trying to connect and understand the signs my body is telling me!
Getting a period each month since getting off HBC - 2 months so far. Almost 3 - still waiting for June’s though and it’s a bit later than last months!
I got my period this month with no cramps and no bloating! Because I felt good leading into my period, I was taken by surprise when it started!
I used to get horribly tender breasts for about a whole week leading up to my period (like had to strap those puppies down, as any movement or bump would ache!) . Haven't had an episode since I started POP!! (fingers crossed).
Maintaining a pregnancy for longer than 5.5 weeks 🤞🏻
Blood sugar balanced healthier cycle length, increased libido and feeling more in control of my health!!!
I think my cramps are starting to really decrease during my cycles! I’ve also REALLY noticed how much my blood sugar and coffee effect my mood, attention, eating habits, cravings, etc, and how those intertwine with my entire day!!

POP Star (Spring 2021)

"When I was 19 my doctor put me on HBC for painful cramps (we’re talking on the floor in the fetal position types of cramps) and acne.

In my mid-twenties I got my first migraine with aura, while still on HBC, during my “period”. This went on for YEARS.

In my late twenties I decided wasn’t happy with my doctor so I found a new OB/GYN and was diagnosed with dysmenorrhea and pre-menstrual syndrome. My new OB put me on an extended HBC so I only had 4 “periods” a year. Her thinking was no period, no migraine. It worked for a while, then I started spotting in between pill packs.

At 35, I decided I was done with HBC and quit cold turkey. My cramps came back with a vengeance, and it brought with it bloating, breast tenderness, migraines and an unpredictable period. Luckily for me, I had recently found Kelsie on IG and in turn found the three of you.

For my 36th birthday I decided I was going to do something for me, and took the plunge and enrolled in POP. It was the BEST decision I’ve ever made!! I’m finally having a consistent period, every 28 days, with little to no symptoms!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and found ways to incorporate it into my daily life. I’m now drinking red raspberry leaf tea the week before and during my flow-cation. I’m eating more phase friendly foods, exercising according to my phase and not over exercising. I’m recording my BBT daily, and am more aware of my cervical magic. It’s not always easy, but with my POP binder as a guide I’m able to navigate each phase. And I know if I can’t figure it out, the three of you are only a message away.

I can’t thank all of you enough for creating POP and making it easy to understand. I loved every minute of the program."


POP Star (Fall 2020)

"I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS PROGRAM! POP is life changing. The POP group has helped me in more ways than I even know! Feeling part of a community during a pandemic and a year of unknowns has been the biggest blessing. I've learned that putting your hormones and your health first should always be #1. There is something very powerful in committing to your best self and this program reflects that!

The knowledge, confidence and awareness this program brings teaches you things that will make you want to make better changes in your life. It is not forced, the motivation comes from the knowledge being all the content :) I don't have enough good things to say about this program, it is a long-term investment for yourself that is worth it in every way! Meeting you 3 amazing sisters has been very motivating and inspiring! You are all seriously magical!"


POP Star (Fall 2020)

"I enrolled in POP to better understand the four cycles, make better eating choices around my needs, and feel more confident (less stressed) about my hormones and body when I want to get pregnant. I had recently come off an IUD earlier in the year and wanted to understand my cycle while also learning about the environment I surround myself in (clean products, I see you).

POP gives you the confidence to understand your needs. Rather than feeling stressed and anxious over a missed period, PMS, or sleepless nights you can easily understand what could be the cause and where to improve.

The night before I get my period I am always, always awake too late unable to sleep and recognizing this through POP and understanding my cycles has been so incredibly helpful. I no longer feel anxious if a sleepless night is there, it feels more validating (like * ah, your period comes tomorrow *) ...cue the nighttime teas. I am also more aware of what I'm putting into or on my body. I'm more aware of my sleep, feelings, stress levels based on my cycles and am more empowered to help myself rather than feel these are inevitable moods or reactions. This is a huge sense of raised awareness.  

I absolutely LOVED POP’s forum, loved the food relation to cycles, loved the relatable understanding given for all explanations. I now know what foods, teas, etc. can help during specific stages of my cycle, which has been LIFE-CHANGING. Thank you POP!"


POP Star (Fall 2020)

"Before POP, my PMS symptoms were the worst they have EVER been. I stopped BC two years ago because I didn’t like the effects and wanted to have natural cycles.

I started falling y'all on IG and was inspired to actually start tracking and paying attention to what my body was telling me. Once I had some of that figured out, I needed help to find solutions and ways I could work with my body and not against it. I’ve learned to appreciate this beautiful cycle that’s allowed me the gift of two beautiful children. 

How has POP impacted my life? Wow, where do start...I don’t dread my cycle! I don’t call it bad names and curse it away. I’ve embraced it and the magic of it all - quite amazing you learn about it’s functions and how connected it is to all parts of you. The biggest learning is that it doesn’t control me, I have the power to be in harmony.

I’m definitely much more aware of my cycle and the different things that affect it that I can actually control. I feel equipped to take charge. POP has provided me with so much structure and guidance. For example, I have the POP Master cheat sheets printed out and I am always meal prepping/grocery shopping according to that list. I have staples that I bought through Thrive Market so I’ll always have a little something for each phase. I set myself up for success! 

Y’all were just amazing! And that’s an understatement!"



POP Star (Fall 2020)

At first, I was so nervous POP wouldn’t be applicable to me because I was on birth control. I had been curious about coming off HBC but couldn’t IMAGINE actually doing it. Then after months of troubling symptoms, one landing me in the ER from faint-ness, my cardiologist suggested I had hormonal imbalances and it was the final message from the universe I needed.

POP has been the most empowering thing for me. The biggest change is teaching me to focus on what I can ADD to care for myself (in all aspects!) rather than restrict. With POP, I started to align my foods, eat more whole and nourish/properly rest my body, got my IUD out and have been seeing improvements of no dizziness/fainting, better mood, less caffeine and TBH, the easiest BMs of my life.

I can’t tell you how many sources I’ve gone through or even programs that focused on taking and taking and taking away things to alleviate symptoms. A lot of these experiences only left me with an incredible amount of self-doubt and guilt. POP is about what I can add to my daily routine, my plates, the way I speak to and care for myself and what I can add to my own knowledge to empower sustainable health changes.

As a soon to be nurse practitioner, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am surprised I learned about the female hormone cycle and body thanks to the resources provided. Seriously couldn’t thank you enough!

I have also made a huge transition to max 30 min workouts during the POP program which is a big change for me. Before POP, I would consider my workout not worthy if I wasn’t running 10 miles or running/biking to Barry’s boot camp everyday or running tons of marathons. I was all or nothing. Now with the POP fitness recommendations, I have been able to feel satisfied and worthy with the adjustment in my workout time, workout more consistently and enjoy doing so, and have seen the results. The POP workout calendar is going in my study space where I make my weekly plans moving forward! 

One more thing to note, it’s so validating for the Balanced Beyars Health coaches to share with their own symptoms and human-ness, it’s way more encouraging to ‘stick with the course’ than trying to compare yourself to absolute perfection without humanity (especially in these times!) The BBH sisters did a great job making me feel updated and connected and validated. Thank you!! I swear it’s not a crush! 


POP Star (Fall 2020)

Years of hormone imbalance that turned into metabolic syndrome and a misdiagnosis of PCOS all through my first year of college and started my D1 season (it was a goddamn mess). Because of soccer and probably maturity I just wanted to feel better and went back on HBC at the suggestion of my doctor to help with managing the symptoms. Now, noticing my symptoms never fully got better I decided to take my health into my own hands and embark on this journey…enter POP!!!!

This program has really taught me to really connect with my body and feel the power associated with  having a menstrual cycle. I grew up talking about periods as long as no one who would be offended by it wasn’t around, F THAT! Now I talk about it openly with everyone because why shouldn’t it? We are human beings and this information is important. 

POP has provided me with the information to better understand what is going on even if it’s something that is unexpected. I feel more in tune with what is going on with my body and feel like I am actually paying attention instead of gritting my teeth and powering through. 

I have shared all this with every one of my girlfriends because I feel empowered and I want every woman I know to understand they also have that power! 

POP Star (Fall 2020)

I was on the pill for over 10 years before enrolling in POP Fall 2020 session.The pill was prescribed to me because of painful periods. I didn't realize it was just slapping a bandaid over the wound and not doing any good for my body. The longer I was on it, the more symptoms I had come back up to the surface! 

The more I learned in POP, the more I wanted to ditch the pill, but I was SCARED... I didn't know I needed the support of the program to make this transition until I experienced it, and I could not be happier that I did. POP gave me the tools to feel comfortable and confident ditching the pill, giving me a game plan moving forward.

The first month of POPl, I was still on the pill - So I prepared my body by practicing the diet and lifestyle changes according to the moon cycle! Although I was still on the pill and could not benefit from these changes fully, it give me a crash course on listening to my body and modifying my days as needed.

The remainder of POP, I was off the pill, and since then I have had 3 very predictable, virtually pain free periods. With BBH's guidance, I am now using Natural Cycles and tracking cervical mucus to determine where I am at in my cycle and match it to how I may be feeling! POP has made a huge impact in understanding how intuitive my body is. If I need to rest, I am more inclined to rest if my body is telling me to. If I am super energized, I will do a workout to channel that energy positively.

It was powerful being in a group of women all going through different journeys but all with the end goal of reclaiming control of their bodies, SO EMPOWERING!!! I loved this group, and it was exactly what I needed when you launched! I also loved the FB page and being able to get real life feedback from the BBH coaches and the other ladies.

POP could not have come at a better time for me, so I am super thankful for that. I loved this group, and it was exactly what I needed when you launched! I am super thankful.


POP Star (Fall 2020)

Before POP, I was frustrated with how little I had learned about the effects hormonal imbalances have on overall health. I have always been on HBC and now since POP, I have the power to understand my body without it and work with my body when I am ready to take that leap. I have realized that having a cycle (and experiencing the 4 phases)/coming off HBC isn’t scary, but healthy!

POP has overall and most importantly made me feel empowered. I feel like I do have control over how I am feeling because I know better about what my body needs. When my hormones don't feel right or I am feeling symptoms, I refer back to the POP materials/4 phases packet and try to make adjustments, especially food and supplements! I've also set myself up for success by taking the POP Mastersheet list to the grocery store and stock up on phase-friendly snacks! I feel fully supported in this area moving forward.

When it came to exercise, working out has always been enjoyable for me. I tend to workout 5 days a week intuitively anyways. However, using the POP Phase workout recommendations and planning out the week according to my phases has helped me to further fine tune when I need rest and when I need to push harder. I tend to be moderate and need the reminders to pull back or push! I've found that laying it out ahead of time has been a game changer for me! Since joining POP, I have felt myself get stronger and felt what amazing changes can happen when I nourish my body properly.

I am inspired to continue to fine tune my lifestyle with the tools you have given me. You guys have done any amazing job giving enough info but at a slow pace so we can all keep up and reflect while making important changes.


POP Star (Fall 2020)

Before POP, I was on HBC and experiencing a ton of symptoms like extreme night sweats, malasma, inconsistent mood, low libido. A month into POP, I felt supported with a plan to come off the pill. I've been incorporating the POP food and workout recommendations and a daily basis, and being off the pill for only two months, I've seen improvements!

I can happily say my night sweats are almost completely gone. I’m looking forward to seeing how my other symptoms change as I continue living in alignment with the 4 phases of my cycle and living the POP lifestyle beyond the program!

POP has given me the confidence to speak openly about a subject that I feel the world views as taboo. PS. I shockingly loved the POP FB group (I’m not a fan of fb so this surprised me.) Being able to see all of the other women's journeys/questions was SO helpful. There were times that someone asked a question that I didn’t even realize applied to me until they asked it! You guys were the bomb.com.. THANK YOU!


POP Star (Fall 2020)

Before I enrolled in the POP program, I had been on hormonal birth control for about 8 years, but was suffering from increasing anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Out of pure frustration, I stopped taking it, but my cycles never regulated. Last year, I let my OB-GYN convince me to go back on it to try and "reset" my cycle. After getting back off it again this spring, my cycles still were still 2 months long. I still felt anxious and suffered again from those familiar mood swings. 

The POP program has given me the tools I need to know which phase I'm in on any given day and what my body needs to support the hormones in that phase. I have learned essential information about my body that as a woman, and even as a physical therapist I was never exposed to. After completing the POP program, my cycle is much more regular, my anxiety is under control, and I feel empowered to continue to make the decisions that will make me feel my best! My cycle length reduced from more than 41 days to 36 days since beginning the POP program, so I know my hormones are more balanced and my body is genuinely happier! My anxiety is finally under control and I no longer suffer from mood swings. I snack less, stay full longer, and am definitely less hangry and wiped out after my 10-hour work days. Not to mention, my sex drive is finally back to normal after years!

Moving beyond POP, I plan to continue to reference the cheat sheet and write the foods recommended for each phase on the chalkboard in my kitchen, so that even my husband can incorporate them when he cooks for us! The POP program has absolutely changed my life for the better and improved my relationships with everyone around me (especially with my husband)! Thank you again for this incredible opportunity to learn more about myself, and feel much, much better. You are going to change so many more lives and I am very excited for you to continue this journey with the other women who are struggling like I was. <3

POP Star (Fall 2020)

Before POP, my cycle started pretty normally when I was 14 but after just a couple of years of cycling on my own, I started taking the pill. I was on HBC for a total of about 11 years and tried various formulations over the years. I never felt totally awesome on any of them - I experienced major gut/indigestion issues, heightened anxiety and depression symptoms, lack of libido, mood swings, you name it! My Drs answer was always to try a different pill and so I did. Plus, I appreciated the predictability of my “period” and as someone with acne in my genes, clear skin was a great benefit too. I attempted coming off of the pill twice in the last couple of years. The first time, I started breaking out soon after and ran back to the pill. I’m now on attempt #2 and happy to report that so many of my symptoms have improved since staying off - my digestion is awesome, I sleep well, I don’t cry at everything 😂 BUT my cycle is non-existent and I still feel pretty attached to my acne medication...

Then I enrolled in POP…POP has really changed my life for the better. Though I don't yet have my cycle back (and low key dread going to the RE even though I know it's the responsible thing to do...), I feel much more empowered when it comes to my hormones and cycle than I ever have.

POP was beneficial to me in so many ways. First thing to note is how digestible the information was! Some of the material was brand new to me, and some of it was familiar (though, I definitely feel more comfortable with it now). A HUGE value add for me was having it all in one place, in an easy to digest format, and broken down really intentionally so I could reference just the information I needed at any given point. In the past, I've read books, listened to podcasts, but having everything organized by phase, then by subsection like exercise, food, etc. made it so that I could easily locate exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I am prone to information overload because there is so much out there (and love that I see more hormone talk - yay for us all!), however, just zeroing in on the materials (and bonus stuff you share on FB, IG), helped to keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I truly digested information I had seen in passing a bunch of times before. 

I ultimately made the decision to sign up for POP because I know that I function well with structure and I know that having coaches and community around me works for me. Also, as much as I wanted to do right by myself, taking the time to digest all of the different sources of information I was consuming and come up with an achievable and non-intimidating action plan was really hard for me. Not shocking, as it's a ton of work to do just that - THANK YOU x a million for doing the work and making it so accessible to us. The simplicity of the materials, the supporting documents (journal, calendar, cheat sheets), and the little notification on FB reminding me that you guys were still "watching" really helped me show up for myself.

Lastly, I noticed a huge mindset shift for me - showing up for myself vs. my old mindset of trying to "fix" all of the things that were wrong. In the end, the action steps are the same, but the mentality is so different. I think the biggest takeaway I have in working through the program is that I have the *opportunity* to do something to support my hormones in every choice and in every day. And, it's not all or nothing. I'm a recovering perfectionist so this is lifelong work for me, but in terms of POP, I'm really proud of how I was able to pick myself back up even when I had an off meal/day/workout. Some days it was as simple as throwing in a couple of foods to support me even if the rest of the day was a sh*itshow haha. It's empowering to have the tools and to understand that lifestyle = a series of good decisions, big and small. 

Listen, to be blunt, am I thrilled with the fact that my body doesn't want to get all the way there for me right now? Nope. Still a little concerned for my future? Definitely...BUT, I now have confidence that I am showing up everyday for myself and making supportive choices. I have been able to really enjoy the journey, taking it one day at a time and layering on one good choice to another. I went into this thinking I could only feel positive when I hit those big "hormone goals" - got my bleed back, got pregnant one day. I know this journey takes time. Now, I focus on the little victories. "Supporting through intentional action" just hits differently than "fixing" - a focus on what's going right vs. a focus on what's going wrong; a focus on what I can control vs. what I can't. 

Thanks for showing *all of the way* up for us! I really appreciate the time you took to put everything together and love learning from you. Beyond that, you inserted yourselves and your own personal experiences (and challenges!) into the material really seamlessly. It definitely helped me to feel more connected to the material and reminded me that I am not alone. It's obvious that you complement each other well because I could tell that you all weighed in and contributed in different parts of the program but it packaged together really nicely. THANK YOU BBH!


POP Star (Fall 2020)

Before POP, as ashamed as I am to say it, I thought that I still ovulated and had a period while being on HBC for for practically 13 years. I was very much in the dark about how much body functions. This led me to the POP program, where it has been hands down the best investment I made in myself in a very long time.

I feel so much more in tune with my body and her needs. It has helped with my stress, my periods, my IBS, my eating disorder recovery, and my sex life! I have a new understanding of my body that I’ve never had before. Now, when shit hits the fan, I usually know why... and even better now that I have tools that help. Not just short term pain relief, but tools that can help realign my body!

I feel so empowered by my new knowledge, the wonderful community, and your leadership! Even better, I don’t feel penalized for not being “perfect” and for having good and bad days. I feel like I’m walking away with tools that can serve me for life.

Thank you so much!  I couldn’t be more grateful for this program. 


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