4 Tips Alaina Uses to Manage her PCOS

hormone health pcos Jan 08, 2024

Alaina here & today I wanted to share with you 4 ways I manage the symptoms associated with PCOS! I promise you can easily start implementing these too!

Eating adequate protein
This is a huge focus for me when I eat. Carbs & fats are easier to get in, but I really have to pay attention to my protein intake in order to get enough!

Many women with PCOS deal with insulin dysregulation or insulin resistance (aka your body having trouble storing blood sugar effectively), which usually comes increased cravings & body fat storage (esp around the midsection).

Protein can help:
-Build muscle tissue, which is huge for blood sugar stability and improving your metabolic function.
-Promotes satiation! 30-40g of protein at every meal will keep you fuller for longer & cut sugar cravings & fluctuations in blood sugar levels
-Supports effective blood sugar storage (Always eat your carbs and protein together!)

Strength training
-Strength training will increase the size of your skeletal muscle, your body’s biggest consumer of glucose which assists with blood sugar stability & improving insulin sensitivity.
-Muscle is metabolically active - burning cals at rest in order to sustain itself, making it effective to keep unwanted weight off.
-Can help reduce excess androgen levels (a main struggle for women with PCOS struggle is hyperandrogenism - overproduction of male sex hormones)

Hormone balancing herbs
I am always incorporating medicinal herbs for holistic cycle support with teas & tinctures. From liver support to anti-inflammatory effects, herbs are tiny but mighty!

We all use & love Elix Healing Cycle Balance, personalized Chinese herbal formulas that were created specifically to target the underlying cause of cycle issues. Code BALANCEDBEYARS20 for 20% off & you can customize your own HERE!

Regulating your nervous system
To quote Elix Healing: “Up to 50% of women with PCOS have elevated adrenal androgens (meaning stress is creating the increase in androgens like testosterone), so consciously approaching stress is key.”

This is why I use my acupressure mat & meditate daily to strategically regulate my nervous system & support adrenal function.

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