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food recommendations travel Feb 11, 2020

I just got back from an incredible girls trip to New Orleans [aka. N'awlins]. It's safe to say, NOLA is an amazing hub for good music and the best food around. Something I loved about their food is that it was always seasoned to perfection. They made veggies taste "to die for" which is something I try to always tell my clients - use spices to make your veggies delectable AND something you look forward to eating everyday!


French Truck Coffee

Trendy coffee place

Get the New Orleans Chicory iced coffee!



Italian with cajun-creole influence

Hole in the wall place above a bar

If you're into licorice, try the oysters!

The special was the stuffed flounder with seafood sauce - best dish, ever

The lamb was also superb "melted in your mouth"

Cannelloni stuffed with cheese and meat

The pasta was "eh", I wouldn't suggest it. Go for the seafood!


Central Grocery & Deli

Go their famous Muffuletta sandwiches!

It's jam-packed with italian meats and an italian olive salad in between the bread


Johnnys Po Boys

If you want one of the best po boys in the city, go here. Extremely casual and authentic.

Fried oyster salad - Massive salad with delicious crispy oysters on top

Fried shrimp Po Boy [the best one there]


Pat O'Briens Bar

Hangout, piano bar and regular bar all in one. Known for their famous "hurricanes"

If you haven't tried a "hurricane" yet, go there. It's where they were first invented. But to be honest, I hated it with a passion. If you're like me and you don't like sweet drinks, don't bother getting it. Hit up the piano bar instead!


Hurricane Drink = 4oz of rum + 4oz of "hurricane" mix [Tastes like fruit punch infused with cough syrup. Can you tell I didn't like it? haha]


French Market Restaurant and Bar

Delicious boiled seafood by the pounds

You must try their friend alligator - It tastes like chicken!

The Creo char-grilled oysters were literally INSANE. Get those, too.

For my entre, I got the shrimp & sausage jambalaya. It was my first time getting that in the city and it was delicious [don't get it if you don't like rice]


The Country Club

Drag queen brunch and outdoor pool!

This place has incredible food- Get the poached egg polenta, chicken and waffles and truffle mac and cheese!

They have a tasteful "PG-RATED" Drag queen experience but I wouldn't go here if you are looking for a wild experience..all they pretty much did was walk around and take your tips!


Paladar 511

Local and imported food, delicious and strong cocktails. Gorgeous space.

I highly suggest just ordering a bunch of appetizers and splitting.

Everything is too good not to try!

Get the Roasted Mushroom & Butter leek Pizza and Farm Egg Bacon Pizza

Charred Okra - veggie dish

Fried Arancini stuffed with short rib ragu [This was insane. It's basically a fried rice ball stuffed with meat]

House made ravioli with truffle cream


Tropical Aisle

Again, this is another sugary drink and personally not a fan AT ALL but if you are looking to have an authentic New Orleans "Shark Attack" drink - go here.

The Shark Attack experience is hilarious. The waitress blows a whistle as if there is a "shark in the water", fills a toy shark with red liquor and pours the shark head first into your cup [making it look like the shark made a kill with red going into the drink]

You get to keep the shark as a souvenir


Cafe Du Monde

Beignets for days

This cafe is the most well known place in the city for their crispy beignets and creamy coffees. Go on a week day to avoid large lines!

Side note: 1 order of beignets comes with around 3-4 beignets. One per person is perfect and you don't feel sick from sugar overload!



This place is famous and one of the best experiences in NOLA in the garden district.

Dress up your best [their dress-code is on their website]

Your table gets up to 4 waiters or waitresses and have a "captain"!

They take their jobs so seriously and know everything about the menu, where the food came from and how it was cooked

Every single course was the best food I've ever had - You seriously can't go wrong

This will be your most expensive meal in the city..make sure you make reservations way ahead of time! Ask for the waiter Kendall!


The Original Cajun Seafood

Extremely authentic "hole in the wall" seafood joint

Everything on their menu is good even the sausage po boy!


Cake Cafe & Bakery

Small town cafe right near our Airbnb

Ask for DIRTY CHAIS [chai tea with soy milk and extra shot of espresso]

Their food is pretty good too! The roasted veggie omelet with corn bread was delicious


Razzoo Bar on Bourbon St.

If you're looking for a place to turn up with your girlfriends..this is the perfect dance club

Awesome happy hour deals - I think we got 3 beers for $6

Great music and host on stage that get people going!


Rev Zombies Voo Doo

New Orleans is known as the "land of the dead". This voo doo shop is filled with fun stuff if you're interested in buying voo doo dolls, psychic readings and spiritual things!


Ultimate Swamp Adventures

We can't rave enough about this place! Airboat adventures!

Ask for Justin to take you on a wild ride [We literally had dirt and mud all over us afterwards]

He also caught an alligator with his bear hands and a marsh-mellow...

Don't ask, just go book your tickets and head there immediately!


Haunted Pub Crawl Tour

Creepy haunted pub crawl while you're drinking..

This was so fun and honestly soooo suspenseful.. You never go inside the haunted houses but you learn about ghost sitings and stories.. Definitely worth doing the pub crawl to help you calm your nerves as you learn about the "land of the dead"


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