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avocado buffalo sauce coconut aminos condiments cream cheese dressing dressings hot sauce ketchup mayo primal kitchen ranch soy sauce trader joe's Feb 11, 2020
 *This post is NOT sponsored and we are not being paid to promote any brand featured on this blog.*

Remember when you were a kid and you would drown your hotdog in Heinz mustard or ketchup, and loved every bite of that messy goodness?!

Fast forward to the future as a grown ups, we aren't much different! OK, maybe we use a smaller serving size, but we WE STILL LOVE OUR CONDIMENTS over here. From salad dressings to ketchup, hot sauce, mayo, ranch, cream cheese, soy sauce...you name it, we love it.

The problem is, our old favorites growing up just don't pass the test when it comes to including clean, whole food ingredients.

Have you turned your ketchup bottle over lately? It is unfortunately filled with high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup (lol, again), and natural flavoring [which can mean up to 100 different ingredients that aren't disclosed]. In just 1 TBSP, you are getting hit with 4g of sugar (OR just think of it as 1 tsp of sugar granules, because 4g=1tsp).

Because condiments make up a "small" portion of our meals, most people are under the impression that their nutritional makeup doesn't matter. But let us assure you, they really do! Most of us (and we're included in this!) are not measuring how much we're putting on our food, so 1 TBSP can easily turn into 2, 3, 4, or 5 TBSPs! And this can happen for each meal, each day.

Can you see why the ingredients count now? Everything we put into our body matters. Sure we won't eat perfectly all the time... but we always try to control what we can control, especially if it's apart of our daily routines (like ketchup on our eggs every morning at breakfast).

Overtime, we've found quite a few favorites that not only make us feel good, but also taste delicious!!!! You know we don't sacrifice taste around here.....
  • Primal Kitchen avocado mayo (regular mayo, chipotle lime mayo, garlic aioli)

  • Primal Kitchen avocado oil salad dressings of all kinds: honey mustard, ranch, BBQ ranch, caesar, balsamic, greek, thousand island, sesame ginger. They have a flavor for whatever mood you're in! Plus, they are all made with avocado oil.

  • Trader Joe's Green Goddess dressing. This is great for salads or pastas.

  • Primal Kitchen, Annie's, or Trader Joe's organic ketchup. Primal Kitchen's is actually our first choice because its unsweetened (it's important to us to keep our sugar intake to a minimum)!

  • Siete hot sauces (traditional and habanero)

  • Kite Hill cream cheese (plain and chive)

  • Thrive Market, Trader Joes, or Coconut Secret Organic coconut aminos. This is a wonderful alternative to soy sauce and it still brings that sweet flavor to your stir-fry meals.

  • Thrive Market, Primal Kitchen, or Annie's organic mustard

  • Hope organic hummus. Black garlic is our favorite, but they have so many flavors. We love this brand because they use extra virgin olive oil, as opposed to inflammatory oils.

  • Wild Brine kimchi sriracha. Nothing in there but the good stuff, and it's fermented so it's great for your gut!

  • Rao's, Thrive Market, 365 organic marinara sauce



  • Thrive Market - We absolutely swear by this method of grocery shopping for all of our healthy staples, especially our condiments! All products are sold are wholesale prices, meaning seriously discounted, and everything gets delivered right to your door. Yes, there is a yearly membership fee of $60, but you'll save $60 in your first couple of shops alone (not even counting your new member exclusive deal!).

  • Whole Foods or any Health Food Store - When we are in a pinch, we head to a local health food store to grab our favorites. You'll find that the prices are high in store..so that's why we prefer Thrive Market!

  • Amazon - Another great option where you can find some of the condiments above!

What are some of your favorites? We want to know! Leave us a comment below.

*This post is NOT sponsored and we are not being paid to promote any brand featured on this blog.*

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