Meal-Prep Ideas For Traveling

May 03, 2020

AND IM OFF AGAIN ✈️ Lake Tahoe, Boston, Beverly Hills, Costa Rica..This 2019 has been insane already and I feel like I’ve been on the road everyday [Of course, feeling grateful for the opportunities but also feeling chaotic]

 It’s super easy to feel derailed and get thrown off track from my usual schedule...but there’s GOOD NEWS ✨ I’ve created a great habit of meal prepping at least one snack or meal to bring with me to the airport so that I don’t feel so “out of routine”.

 Here are my GO-TOs that may help you prep for your next trip:
  1. FRUIT:

  • Apples

  • Grapes

  • Oranges

  • Bananas

  • Carton of berries

  • *These are some fruits that are great for on the go.

  • *I like to take a trip to the grocery store beforehand to purchase organic fresh fruit. I do this because airport fruit is sprayed with chemicals to preserve their shelf-life*


  • ​Almonds

  • Macadamia

  • Cashews

  • Coconut shreds

  • 100% Pascia Cacao chips

  • *When I don't meal-prep my own, I like to purchase raw mixed nuts at the airport.

  • *If that is not an option, I treat myself to chocolate covered nuts or roasted nuts. The reason I try to steer clear from anything "roasted" is because those nuts were cooked at a high heat with inflammatory oils. That does not sit well with my stomach on flights!


  • ​Red/orange/yellow peppers

  • Tricolor carrots [I buy my own, wash and chop them. I do not like to buy the orange precut carrots. Around 120 days after planting, the carrots are dug up and brought to a processing house to be cut and peeled. But before packaging, all carrots receive a scrub and a chlorine bath...NO THANKS].

  • Snap peas

  • Chopped organic Celery [organic to avoid the pesticides on conventional celery]


  • ​*I love the reassurance of having a protein bar or two in my bag because you never know when that “hangry” feeing will come on while traveling.

  • Macadamia Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars

  • Epic bars

  • RX bars

  • Luna Bar [specific cherry pie flavor because it is only 3 ingredients. The less ingredients, the better]


  • ​*Meal-prep in glass microwave-safe container [When you pack your food in plastic containers, the plastic it's made of can actually leak into your food - Especially if you are reheating it! I try to avoid this as much as possible by using glassware instead]

  • *I like to format my meals with Kelley LeVeque's Fab4: protein, greens, fiber and healthy fats.

  • Example breakfast meal:

  • Cooked rolled oats

  • Egg whites

  • Cinnamon

  • Banana

  • Blueberries

  • Chia seeds

  • *Yes you can bring food through security! Just nothing liquid over their travel size limit.


  • When I travel, although it is easily accessible for me to consume carbs and fats, it is hard for me to find protein in the airport!

  • I like to add protein to my coffee, tea or water when I need it!

  • Favorite protein brands:

  • ​Vital Proteins [Cacao Blackberry or Vanilla]

  • Naked Protein

  • Garden of Life Protein [Vanilla or chocolate]

  • Primal Kitchen Protein [Vanilla]


  • Peppermint tea bags

  • Liver Cleanse tea bags

  • Four Sigmatic Chaga packets for mid flight ✈️

  • *Traveling makes my stomach and digestion all messed up so peppermint helps me feel less bloated and the chaga helps boost my immune system while traveling.

  • *Bonus: I love packing some sliced lemons in a bag when I can remember to, lol!

 Do I meal-prep ALL the time!? Heck no! There are many instances when I do not have time to grocery shop and prepare before I head on the road. That's quite alright! We do our best everyday with the situations that we are in, right? 

Here are some options of snacks that I purchase at the airport:

  • RAW NUTS- Mixed or almonds *I try to stay away from anything roasted or chocolate covered but you bet your bottom dollar that I treat myself sometimes!

  • SIGGI’S YOGURT- If they have plain I’ll grab that to go and then slice some banana on top! *If you are lactose intolerant, skip this. If you can handle dairy, I personally love Fage and Siggi's brands as they are jam-packed with protein and contain minimal ingredients*

  • CLEAN INGREDIENT PROTEIN BAR- the cleanest ones I’ve found at the airport are RX bars. *Always check the "other ingredients" section of the nutrition label to find out WHAT ingredients are in the bar itself!

  • DRIED FRUIT- I try to find 1-ingredient dried fruit brands! 

TRIPS ON DECK: ✈️ Cayman Islands, France, Virginia, Europe again, New Orleans and Cape Cod. I will be sharing more and more travel tips with you as the year goes on!


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