You Are What You Eat Ate | Grass vs. Grain Fed Animal Protein

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Did you ever stop to think about what the animal that you are eating has eaten in their lifetime? This matters! The true reality is that depending on what the animal consumed, this is what you are consuming too. You ARE what you eat ATE πŸ—πŸ”πŸ·

If that burger or chicken you ate was conventionally raised, that means that the animal was most likely raised in a confined environment, fed grains (which is often time not their natural diet) and injected steroids to avoid illness and infection all of it’s life. Not only is that terrible for the animal, but it’s terrible for you and how it affects your health when you consume it. Just check out the difference between conventionally raised cows and pasture-raised cows:


Conventional meat in America can be a scary thought! The animals are fed a corn-based diet that contains soy and distiller grains that makes the cows FATTER, QUICKER which leads to more illnesses and more use of antibiotics.... all in the name of increase production and profit. The animals are confined to feeding lots most of their lives where they are unable to move and stand in their own feces and litter. This restriction of movement further leads to them plump up.

Did you know that 80% of all antibiotics in the USA are given to animals? Yuck. To continue to make the cows fatter, farmers will inject them with estrogen and testosterone which will increase their growth up to 15%. YOU HAVE TO THINK: HOW IS THIS AFFECTING OUR BODIES WHEN WE EAT THEM!? If you're thinking it's messing with your own hormones, you are absolutely correct.

Due to the diets and treatment of the conventionally-raised cows, their nutritional profile is greatly affected [something we should REALLY care about]. For example, the meat from these cows contain more omega-6 fats and less nutrients. The boost of extra omega-6 fats often throws off your own omega-3 to omega-6 ratio causing inflammation in your body.

Can you see how all of this has the ability to make us FATTER and SICKER? You are what you eat ate.


The good news is that you can crowd out conventionally-raised meat with grass-fed quality protein! Grass-fed pasture raised cows consume their natural diet of grass, bugs and other vegetations. When weather doesn't allow for grazing the pastures, they eat silage and hay. The quality of life is also much better for these cows where they get to roam around the fields outdoors and they are never placed into concentrated animal feeding operations [CAFOS]. The cows are also not given antibiotics or hormones because they live in wide-open spaces with a natural diet that keeps them healthy and strong.

Grass-fed pasture raised cows with a healthy lifestyle = HEALTHIER MEAT! They are significantly higher in nutrients and minerals like beta-carotene, vitamin E, D, B, calcium, magnesium, potassium. The best part is they also contain 2-4x more omega-3s and 5x more CLA which is incredible for your hormone health.

That’s why we have made it our goal toπŸ‘‡πŸ»

A) Buy from companies whose mission aligns with ours and who ethically raise and feed the animals so they basically only have one “bad day” get it.

B) Invest in higher quality meat (grass-fed, pasture raised, organic)

C) Minimize the amount of conventional meat in our diet

I can already hear “BUT IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE” but hear us out!

We use BUTCHERBOX, a home delivery service that delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door. I actually save money by avoiding overpriced local butchers, which is pretty baller.

Here is my favorite order:

  • MONTHLY: Beef chicken and pork box = $129

  • OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: I don't do this every month but they run specials that are discounted delicious options. This month I got sausage and wild caught salmon = $49

  • TOTAL = $178 worth of protein for 2 people for the month [That's around $89 per person per month]

 So if you think that's too expensive, ask yourself: Is eating healthier and better quality food a priority for me and my family? Then try to find ways to budget for it! Here are some ideas:
  • Skip an expensive night out of food/wine and cook romantic dinner at home

  • Buy less bottles of alcohol throughout the month

  • Ask yourself: do you really need another pair of lululemon leggings this month?

  • Rewear your clothing that you have [Ladies, you can wear an outfit more than once!]

  • Sell your clothing on Poshmark or eBay

We always like to remind our clients, if you invest in your health NOW then you will pay less money on your doctor bills down the line... And try to remind yourself that this is your TOTAL MEAT for the month and it's not too expensive if you make GOOD FOOD a priority!

If you sign up through our ButcherBox link, you get 2lbs of ground beef a month for the life of your Butcherbox membership…FOR FREE.[Side note: THIS IS A JOKE, WE DIDN’T GET THIS GOOD OF A DEAL]. Let us know if you have any questions and remember…YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ATE! Take care of your body and invest in companies that ethically raise and care for the animals too!


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