Oh My Berry Compote | Homemade Jelly

Oct 19, 2019

We love making our own fruit jelly to avoid extra processed sugars. It tastes like the real thing..because it is the real thing :) Please enjoy our favorite topping to pancakes, toast, yogurt and more.



  1. Wild frozen blueberries & raspberries

  2. 2 tbsp of raw local honey

  3. 2 scoops of vital proteins collagen powder

  4. 2 tbsp of organic black chia seeds

  5. 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil [for the pan]

What to do:

  1. Heat pan and cover with coconut oil

  2. Add frozen berries and cover the pan, bring heat down to a simmer

  3. Mix fruit as it is heating up for a couple of minutes

  4. As the fruit begins to break down, add honey, chia seeds and collagen protein

  5. Continue mixing until you get the consistency that you like [We personally love keeping some of the berries in tact]

  6. Optional: Add beef gelatin to make the jelly sticky :)

  7. Transfer compote into glass bowl and put in fridge until it cools

  8. Serve!!!


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