What is Matcha? | Quick FAQs

matcha May 03, 2020

We get so many Q’s about “that green shiz” in our cup. So let's talk matcha yallllll. 🍵🍵

✨What the HECK is matcha?✨ -It’s green tea leaves, grounded into fine powder

✨What are it’s health benefits?✨ -1 serving of MATCHA is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea ➡️ That means that M A T C H A has 137x M O R E antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. We choose 🍵 because there are no more jitters or the routine “crash” [yo, SIGN ME UP].

✨How will matcha affect my bod? [your hot bod, that is]✨ -detoxifies your body naturally -calms the mind and relaxes the body -antioxidant powerhouse -helps you f o c u s 💡 -digestive benefits.

✨How is matcha different from coffee?✨ -less caffeine -it boosts your energy without the jitters #zen -say goodbye to that anxious/heart racing feeling ✌🏻 -matcha is made of green tea leaves not coffee beans!

✨How do I make matcha and where do I get it?✨ -not all matcha is created equal so make sure to do some research, but here are some we love: @jadeleafmatcha, @thrivemkt, @vitalproteins and so on! -trader joe’s has them in single serving size packets [if you are new to matcha and don’t want the commitment] -you don’t even need to be fancy, all you have to do is add water or nut milk! -you can use a whisk or you can blend it!

✨What is your favorite go-to matcha recipe?✨ -Our go to 🍵 1 tbsp. raw honey or maple syrup, 1 tbsp maca powder, 1 scoop collagen, 1 serving of matcha and 1 cup hot water.

-Blend it uppp for that frothy goodness and drank it downnn.


*so many ways to have matcha, so if you want to get creative here are some add ins you can choose from: maple syrup, maca powder, dates, turmeric, homemade cashew/almond milk, vital proteins collagen, cinnamon and so on.

Any questions? Email us [email protected]! xx Matcha love, AC x CB x JB


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