Our Mini-Moon in Kennebunkeport, Maine (During A Pandemic)

marriage travel Jul 17, 2020

This past week, Billy and I tied the knot #CovidStyle in Bristol, Rhode Island. Since our actual wedding was postponed to next year, we decided to do a little ceremony or "mini-mony" amongst close family and then an impromptu mini-moon to celebrate our true date of July 10, 2020. 

Julie recommended that we go to KENNEBUNKPORT, MAINE. I've never been there, so I immediately texted her friend, Hannah and our ceremony photographer, Maria, who had lived in Kennebunkport for years. They both recommended the best restaurants, beaches and activitiesLadies, we can't thank you enough for your recs, they did not disappoint!

While we were there, Billy and I were both were getting a ton of messages saying that they wanted our travel itinerary! We're so excited to share it with you...


  • We went from a Sunday-Wednesday in July! *So expect more crowds on weekends! 
  • We stayed at the Edgewater (but their name is changing to Mabel's House)
  • We wanted good food, laid back, active, nature-filled trip during COVID-19 pandemic. Your experience may be altered due to COVID phases at the time that you go to KPT! 
  • Maine was VERY good with their safety precautions during the pandemic. They took your phone number before every reservation (to alert you of impact), spaced your seating, sanitized everything thoroughly. Not once did we feel unsafe! 

SUNDAY: First day!

11am: Check into Edgewater Hotel. They have free bikes and kayaks! The front desk woman, Arti, is the sweetest woman you'll ever meet and also gave great recommendations. Our hotel room was just recently renovated with a little balcony, A.C. unit and gorgeous bathroom. Due to COVID, they had to take precautions and remove some of the hands-on items like coffee machines, etc. However, they hook you up with cute breakfast boxes and coffee every morning from 8-8:30 am! 

11:30am Bike ride down Ocean Ave. We went left out of the hotel and biked along the water on Ocean Drive. There are beautiful park benches facing the ocean every so often and you will pass by the most beautiful mansions. Make sure you take a moment to stop and see George Bush's Compound (you'll know which house it is, you'll see a bunch of black SUVS) 

12pm: Bike ride down Beach Ave. We turned around and went the opposite direction to go see the beaches! We biked along Beach Ave down to take a quick stop at Mother's Beach. 

1pm: Mother's Beach. We took a quick stop here to layout and feel the water. Bring a towel and wear a bathing suit so you can jump in! The beaches here are rocky but so incredibly beautiful. 

3pm: Batson River Tasting Room. This place was one of my favorite stops. They have tasty craft beers and delicious pizza. Also, don't forget to order the duck-fat soaked cornbread. We sat on the balcony upstairs and had a beautiful view of the town. 

8:30pm: Sunset at Cape Porpoise. We came here before dinner to enjoy the sunset. Highly suggest it!  

9:30pm: Reservation at Earth. This was the best recommendation of ALL. If you go to KPT, you must go here and dress nicely! We did a four-course meal and their serving sizes were so generous that I would suggest getting ONE meal at a time rather than ordering all at once. Every single meal was the most delicious meal I've ever had, not sure how that happens! Between the two of us, we ordered:

  • First course: Poached Oysters and Octopus
  • Second course: Cavatelli and Chestnut Agnolotti
  • Third course: Lobster Rice Noodles and Haddock Chowder

The waitress also gave us the fried cauliflower with peanut sauce, brioche cream-filled donuts (fourth course) and sparkling rose on the house to congratulate us on being newlyweds! She also comped one of our drinks. I can't recommend this place enough! They made our first night a dream. 


7:00am: Bike into town for DockSquare Morning Coffee!  We're early birds...so much so that we were up at 6am ready to start the day, haha! We grabbed iced coffees and walked over to some rocks to sit at the water. 

8:00am: Breakfast boxes at the Edgewater! Simple and sweet - yogurt, blueberry muffin bread, orange/banana, and oatmeal. We didn't get breakfast anywhere else because this was free! 

10:00am: Day-trip 25 minutes to Ogunquit & Marginal Way (cliff walk). Billy and I absolutely loved this day trip. We walked along Marginal Way, a beautiful cliff walk with views and stairs down to the beaches. It looked like we were in the south of France! *Next time, Billy and I will go to the beach here. 

1:00pm: Lunch at Oarweed. This place was the first restaurant at the end of the Marginal Way path! We sat outside with an incredible view of Perkin's Cove. We ordered:

  • Drinks: Rum Punch, Mega Mosa (yes, a large mimosa)
  • Appetizer: Crab Dip
  • Main course: 2 Lobster Rolls

2:00pm: Stop at Perkin's Cove Candies! We saw signs for saltwater taffy and we had to get it. We ordered:

  • Saltwater taffy (watermelon, maple syrup, chocolate)
  • Sugar-free peanut butter cups (had to)

3:00pm: Happy hour at Bandito's Mexican Grill. Alright, so we were craving MARGARITAS. We got some skinny margs and sat outside. A huge storm was passing through but we made it to our car in time before the rain came down!

6:00pm: We decided to walk to dinner and it was one of my favorite memories yet. Post-storm, the marinas never looked so dang beautiful. 

7:00pm: Reservation at The Boathouse. This is a must! It's so romantic to sit outside and watch the sailboats go by. We ordered:

  • Drinks: Carafe of Rose
  • Appetizer: Beef & Kimchi Bao Buns, Mussels (the broth is insane!!!!)
  • Main course: Crabcakes, Tuna Poke Bowl, Brussel Sprouts

9:00pm: Shop at Seas The Day next store. This is perfect for tourists! It's something I've never done but I really fell in love with KPT....I had to get a Kennebunkport sweatshirt!


7:00am: Biked to town for coffee at Mornings in Paris and Beach Road! Make sure you bike along the beach and walk on the rocks. You don't feel like you're in New England!

8:00am: Breakfast boxes at the Edgewater! 

9:00am: Kayak in the Kennebunk River (along the marinas.) We walked the kayaks across the road over to a beach and paddled upstream on Kennebunk River. There are cool inlets you can go into and bridges to go under! You really see and appreciate all of the beautiful nature by doing this! 

12:00pm: Lunch at Federal Jacks. We were craving beers, views, and fried foods. We ordered: 

  • Drinks: IPA Summer beers
  • Appetizer: Pretzels, Beef & Bean Chilli (perfect for this chilli afternoon)
  • Main Course: Federal Jack Cheese burger, Haddock Tacos

4:00pm: Biked along Ocean Drive again and had hung out at St. Ann's By-The-Sea Church.  They have a beautiful view of the water at the end of the day! You can park your car there or bike over and sit on a bench! 

8pm: Pier 77 for dinner! This place has an awesome view of Cape Porpoise! Make sure you get a seat outside (wasn't wowed by the inside)! We ordered:

  • Appetizer: Crab cakes, Loaded Potato Fries
  • Main course: Chicken Gnocchi, Seafood Pasta 

WEDNESDAY: Last day!

7:00am: Biked around town then went for coffee at Mornings in Paris, again! Definitely get the pastries...we didn't and regretted it! 

8:00am: Breakfast boxes at the Edgewater.

10am: Checked out of the hotel. We were genuinely sad to leave! 

11am: Day trip to York! This place was unbelievably beautiful. We drove to:

  • York Harbor Beach (the most gorgeous hill top view of the habor)
  • The cliff walk was closed, but this is a must.
  • Drive along Short and Long Sands Beaches.
  • Go see the Nubble Lighthouse.

1pm: Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery. On the way home, this place was recommended to us in Kittery! We ordered:

  • Lobster roll
  • Cheese Burger

......and at this point....we couldn't think about seafood for another second, haha! That's when you know we went for it this trip and truly enjoyed ourselves!!!!

This trip to Maine was truly special. We enjoyed every second of it and got all of the food options that people recommended! Not once did I feel any shame or guilt for having fun and enjoying our first week of being married! In fact, I barely worked out...and it felt SO GOOD!!!!!!!! This was just as fueling for my mind and body as eating fruits and veggies....

As soon as we got home, it was back to normal scheduling. All the veggies, all of the water, all of the usual #balanced choices that we make on a daily basis. It's truly a nice reminder to enjoy your life and savor every second of the things that make you happy...AND if you fall off track.... Get back on the next day! LIFE IS AMAZING LIKE THAT!!!

I hope that this itinerary is helpful for you and your next trip to Kennebunkport, Maine! No joke, we loved it so much that we decided we might buy real estate here down the line with family.


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