What's the Best Protein Powder to Buy? | FAQ Answered

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We get asked this question a lot so figured we'd share some of our thoughts...

First off, decide whether or not you'd like to go with a plant-based option OR whey.
Can your stomach tolerate dairy? (most people can't) If you're unsure, just experiment or go with the plant-based to be safe.

Keep in mind though, there are also a lot of plant based proteins that cause issues for people's tummies too, depending on the ingredients they contain.


The less ingredients, the better 

Turn over to the label... are there 1 million things in the ingredients list?

How much protein does it include?

You want high protein, & low additives.

If you don't know what an ingredient is, look it up.

Try to avoid the artificial sweeteners & added sugars (hidden ones like maltodextrose), and sugar alcohols (end in an "ol")! They are known to be gut irritants. It's nearly impossible to avoid stevia, but that causes stomach problems for people, too!

Try to avoid thickeners and gums like carrageenan, lecithin, and xanthan gum. They’re also gut irritants.

Go organic when you can...whether you're choosing whey or plant-based. It just means higher quality ingredients.

Go for a reputable brand that you know produces good products and maintains the integrity of the ingredients. There's no point in buying expensive supplements if they’re not providing you with the nutrients they claim.

⭐️ OUR TIP ⭐️ If you're struggling with the taste of a super clean protein (1-2 ingredients) like hemp protein or simple pea, don't be afraid to combine it with a little bit of one that is slightly sweeter. We do that all the time!

Bottom line: You can drive yourself crazy searching for the perfect protein powder. Do your research, experiment, and find what works best for YOU!

A few brands that we love:
Organifi Vanilla (use code: balancedbeyars for 15% off)
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Primal Kitchen Foods Coconut Vanilla & Chocolate
Truvani Vanilla & Chocolate
Naked Nutrition pea
Garden Of Life unsweetened
Kos Naturals

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