Top Tips On Making a THICK Smoothie

recipe smoothie Mar 03, 2020

Kicking off our Monday with a little #whatmymanmade smoothie bowl.

Tommy nailed it this time, but he admits that he tends to have trouble with the consistency of his smoothies. They usually come out more like a juice....or they are just plain lumpy. 🤣

Does anyone else struggle with this?

Here's a few of our top tips to making your smoothie THICK & CREAMY:

  1. Use mostly of FROZEN FOODS, as opposed to fresh foods + ice cubes. The frozen foods bring on the perfect amount of chill and they also blend nicely to make it like an ice cream texture. Plus, you won't have to chomp on any surprise ice chunks.
  2. Put in all the INGREDIENTS FIRST, then add the liquid. This way, it's much easier to gage how much liquid you'll need... and you won't over do it and make a smoothie soup. PS: If you're working with a lot of frozen ingredients, let everything sit in the liquid for 1-2 minutes before blending.
  3. Add certain foods that will bring in some DENSITY. Our favorites are frozen banana, avocado, pumpkin, sweet potato (and other potatoes & squash), frozen cauliflower, frozen spinach, frozen coconut meat... nut butters and flax seeds, chia seeds, and hemp hearts.
  4. Give it some time to BLEND! Let that blender get to work for at least a minute to allow all the ingredients to get the same level of smooth. Blend until you think it’s done... and then some!!

Did we miss any????? Let us know!!!!

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