What does your period color say about your health?

menstrual phase Aug 07, 2020

Your period is your 5th vital sign (how cool is that?). The color, length, frequency, & amount are crucial pieces of data about the state of your health!!!

Do you know what that means? Every month, you can REFLECT and then TROUBLESHOOT your diet & lifestyle so that your following period is a happier & healthier one.


💗LIGHT PINK: This can mean low levels of estrogen caused by extreme exercise, or dieting, peri-menopause, primary ovarian insufficiency, or birth control. You can also have anemia or eat a low-nutrient diet. If this happens mid-cycle, it may mean you’re ovulating.

QUICK TIP - Boost your estrogen by consuming flax or sesame seeds. Look for plant-based foods that contain phytoestrogens like miso, garlic, broccoli (make your plate colorful.) Reduce your hard workouts.

🟥RED: This is optimal and a sign of a healthy and normal period - woot woot! The reason your period is red is because the blood is exiting your body quickly.

QUICK TIP - If you have a normal flow, but are still experiencing hormonal issues or symptoms make sure you go to the doctor because you still may have underlying issues. *It’s also normal for the color to oxidize + turn brown towards the end of your flow as it is exposed to more air!

🟪PURPLE- If you notice a deep purple tint, you may have excess estrogen. This color is also associated with PCOS or endometriosis.

QUICK TIP- Consume more fiber to help flush the excess estrogen (you better be having regular bowel movements, ladies!) *If you are experiencing large clots, cramps, or a heavy flow, then visit your doctor.

🟫BROWN 🟥DARK RED- This might be an indicator that you have low progesterone or the blood could be oxidizing due to slowly moving out of your body. Dark brown periods can also be due to PCOS.

QUICK TIP- You might notice that this cycle was full of anxiety, mood swings, low sex drive, stress + more. Make sure you focus on boosting that progesterone (feel good hormone) by reducing your stress, stop overexercising, & adding in foods like nuts, dark chocolate, avocados and legumes.

🟧ORANGE OR ⬜️GREY- This may be a sign of sexually transmitted infection or bacterial vaginosis! If your blood is sticky, + you have pain in your abdomen, then go visit your doctor!

⬛️BLACK- If your period is black, the blood is moving really slow out of your body and it’s oxidizing! It may even be leftover blood from your last cycle.

QUICK TIP - Focus on adding in hormone balancing foods like nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, berries, omega-3 rich salmon, + more.

(Of course, always consult your doctor for more guidance!)

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