Strawberry Protein Yogurt Bites

recipes sweets things we love Jan 31, 2024

Julie here! We love finding recipes that make us feel like we're enjoying & indulging, but also benefiting us, right?! 

Our hunch: most women don't realize that they're seriously under eating protein daily.

 Eating adequate protein is a MUST for optimal hormone and fertility health, so we try to find ways to add it into our snacks and meals whenever we can. The amino acids from protein are the legit building blocks of our cells and tissues, and is important for hormone creation & regulation, satiety, and also blood sugar regulation.

Ok, with that being said, I've been seeing yogurt bites all over TikTok recently and I needed to make them for myself. I found THIS RECIPE and made a couple tweaks and loved it! 

  • *I added 1 scoop of Equip Strawberry Prime Protein and 1 scoop Equip flavorless collagen (use code BALANCEDBEYARS for 15% off!)
  • I used greek yogurt!
  • I used Enjoy life chocolate chips (without coconut oil, because I didn’t have any) 

They came out SO GOOD. I love that they're satisfying AND great for my blood sugar. They're a smart snack to have when you need something to hold you over in between meals! 

Plus, they're PINK, making them a perfect treat to give to your hunny to show your love! 😉💗

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