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Let's back up and start from the beginning...

To be completely honest, we didn't even know that being a "health coach" was a legitimate profession until we noticed a few people in our social circles pursing it as a career. They were so inspiring... one of our friends had left her big time corporate job in NYC to become a trainer and health coach (say what!?), and she looked so incredibly happy! We immediately reached out to these individuals to learn more about this up & coming career path. It just so happened that all of the people we spoke to had graduated from IIN, and LOVED IT.

And to be completely honest AGAIN, the three of us never looked at another health coaching certification program for comparison. In hindsight, that probably wasn't the smartest strategy (haha, we definitely recommend that you shop around to make sure this program is the right one for YOU, as there are lots of them out there now!), but thank goodness we have no regrets! IIN checked all our boxes: online school, workload was doable with full time jobs, lots of great reviews, superstar speakers, ability to take on clients quickly, and it was relatively inexpensive compared to going back to school. Botta bing, botta boom.