Canned Wild Salmon Patties

dinners lunch recipe May 07, 2020

I wish I had the right ingredients to make these look more show-stopping, but I’m just working with what we have in between big shops.

Really though, these might be a new staple in my lunch rotation because of how easy they are - plus you're getting that dose of amazing omega3s to support your hormone health, and so much more. 👏🏻 ðŸŸ

✔️2 cans canned WILD salmon (our favorite brands are @wildplanetfoods and @safecatchfoods )
✔️2 pasture raised eggs
✔️1/2 cup chopped scallions (I didn't have this so I used regular onion)
✔️2 tbsp mustard (preferably grainy dijon)
✔️2 tbsp chopped parsley (I also didn't have this so I used dill)
✔️1/2 cup oat flour
✔️1/2 tigernut flour (I like to use this because it's high in fiber! But you can also just use another half cup of oat flour or other preferred flour)
✔️dash of salt & pepper
In a large bowl mix in all of your ingredients, and combine well. Using your hands, form into 8+ patties. On a large skillet over medium heat, drop in 1 tbsp of cooking oil like avocado or coconut oil and spread around the man. Drop in 4 patties and cook for 3 minutes per side, until crispy & browned. Repeat with all the patties. Enjoy a few today, and save the rest for tomorrow’s lunch! *these patties don’t taste fishy, if you were wondering*
Recipe adapted from @real_simple 

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