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booty bands fitness workout Sep 28, 2019

Today my knee is swollen [I am convinced it’s from soccer on Tuesday and from walking a crap ton around the NYC streets]. I decided to finish my arm workout with a low-impact Booty Band Burning finisher ⚡️ Try this workout if you’re looking for a deep burrrrrrrn in your sweet thighs (and you’re not trying to pound pavement)



  • 20 reps each move 💪🏼
  • 2-3x rounds
  • Rest 30 seconds after each round


  • Side-lying leg lift [left]
  • Side-lying leg lift [right]
  • Outer-thigh Clam [left]
  • Outer-thigh Clam [right]
  • Marching hip-thrust [left]
  • Marching hip-thrust [right]
  • Knee-hover-push outs [left]
  • Knee-hover-push outs [right]
  • Side-inner-thigh leg lift [left]
  • Side-inner-thigh leg lift [right]
  • Donkey-kick [left]
  • Donkey-kick [right]


Side note: We are OBSESSED with MTDFIT bands. Because they are so thick, they don’t slide and it’s amazing.

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