6 Postpartum Healing Tips with Carly

motherhood postpartum Jan 15, 2024

Carly here - I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite ways I supported myself newly postpartum with you! I really leaned into a slower transition postpartum and I am so happy I did!

Bone Broth

Pregnancy is VERY mineral-demanding which is why bone broth (packed with essential nutrients, and proteins) was the first thing I ate after I gave birth & still drink daily. My favorite bone broth is from FOND. They even have a Regenerative Pregnancy and Postpartum Bundle (get 20% OFF with code BEYARS)

Dead Sea Salt Baths

I am loving my daily magnesium salt flake baths. They ease my sore muscles, reduce swelling, & provide a sense of calm for me. I have been using Yareli Sitz Bath Soak for Postpartum Recovery. They have 3-15lb bags of magnesium flake salt that is harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel (super mineral-dense!) When you add this to your baths, it smells like a spa with soothing essential oils that *don’t* have any artificial fragrances or parabens. I also use their unscented Dead Sea Soak, too! Order Yareli Sea Soak with code BLNCDBEYARS to save! 

PRO TIP- Take full baths (like me) OR make a Sitz Bath- AMAZING for mommas dealing w/ swelling, hemorrhoids, anal lesions, tears, etc. Ask doc before using.

Walks Outside

Morning and evening walks for regulating me & Tatum’s circadian rhythm, creating routine, getting out in the fresh air, and managing my blood sugar after meals.

Doula & Lactation Support

11/10 recommend hiring outside support during pregnancy AND postpartum. They can be your guiding lights who provide invaluable advice & assistance, whether it’s emotional support, breastfeeding guidance, or answering those endless postpartum Q’s that I refuse to google. I hired Paulette from Night Light Doula and I highly recommend her (based in RI!)

Pelvic Floor Work & Deep Core

I worked on this all throughout my pregnancy with my PFT and it paid dividends for me postpartum. I continue to focus on pelvic floor and deep core to help promote healing & enhance my core strength. *I never dealt with peeing my pants when I laugh or sneeze and I owe that to all of the pelvic floor work I did with my therapist and on my own! I feel so strong! Shout out to Allie from Mae Physiotherapy!  

Slow & Steady Mindset

Patience has been my best ally during this journey. 9 months in, 9 months out! When I said I loved the slower transition...I meant it!

If you're newly postpartum, congrats mama! Take a deep breath & know this is the best time of your life, your goals should align with your season of line & we've all been there before!

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