Valentine's Day Date Ideas Based On Your Phases

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What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

If you're not sure what you'll be in the mood for, check out our list below of Valentine's Day Date Ideas that are based on which phase of the cycle you're in! 

In case you needed a reminder, it's totally normal for our preferences to change throughout the month. For example, a romantic home cooked meal and movie night in a cute sweat set might feel better in the Luteal Phase than dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner on the town! 


  • relaxing spa day
  • couples massages
  • order dinner in or tag team for a special home cooked meal
  • bone broth hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • movie night on the couch with buttered popcorn
  • homemade sweet potato brownies
  • in bed early 
  • Outfit Inspo: matching lounge set, cozy sweater set, straight up pajamas & slippers - shop our favorites from Cozy Earth! (code BALANCEDBEYARS40)


  • couple’s workout
  • happy hour - sit at the bar, order your meal, and enjoy the lively atmosphere & people watching 
  • comedy show
  • golf simulator
  • ice-skating
  • bowling & beers
  • Outfit Inspo: athleisure, leggings, running/lifestyle sneaks - snag something for your sweetie at RHONE one of our faves! we LOVE the commuter shirts & pants, its a drool worthy combo on your man, trust us!! code BALANCEDBEYARS saves you $!



  • go to the movies (bring your own snacks!)
  • enjoy extra appetizers if you go out
  • home-cooked dinner - shop our favorite non toxic candles to elevate the dinner!
  • make romantic tart cherry tight caps (subbing for wine!)
  • enjoy some homemade desserts (like cacao stuffed dates or pb banana bark)
  • cuddle on the couch with your favorite show or movie & snacks
  • in bed by 9pm
  • Outfit Inspo: matching lounge set, comfy casual, joggers, avoid restricted/tight clothing if you're dressing up! 

If you’re with your partner, besties or solo, what are your Valentine’s plans!? We want to know!!

Happy Valentines babes!

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