Alaina's Hospital Bag (for baby number two!)

motherhood pregnancy Nov 27, 2021

It feels surreal to say that my hospital bag is officially packed for baby number two!

While I'm writing this, I'm just shy of 39 weeks along... so we're expecting him any day now. It's time to get this bag ZIPPED UP.

Thankfully, packing for the hospital for the second time around was a lot less overwhelming for me. I learned a lot about what I personally needed & didn't need from the birth of my first son, Bowen, which was a little over two years ago. But I will say, there are some new things in there that I'm excited to herbal infused pads (oh, the things that get me excited these days lol)!

OK check out my must-haves below... I included everything for mom, dad, baby, & food! 


  • Copy of birth plan: I like to call it "birth wishes" instead...almost like if you could picture the perfect scenario. I am completely aware that birth can be unpredictable and sometimes nothing can go accordingly to plan. I am super flexible with what goes down as long as myself and the baby are healthy!
  • Copy of preregistration papers
  • Insurance card


  • Makeup bag
  • Toiletries bag:
    • shampoo, conditioner
    • moisturizer
    • deodorant (use code: BALANCEDBEYARS for 15% off)
    • face wash 
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • hair ties & brush
    • makeup remover
    • blow dryer
    • chapstick (use code: BALANCEDBEYARS for 15% off)
  • Extra long iPhone charger
  • Eye mask (if/when it's possible to get some sleep, I'll be able to tune some of the hospital chaos out!)
  • Dark colored robe 
  • Warm socks: the hospitals can get frigid (got mine from aerie)
  • Dark nightgown for labor
    • Got this one for during labor (comfy, easy access for doctors, and easy for nursing/skin-to-to skin). I used the short sleeve version during my first labor and loved it.... didn't mind tossing it afterwards either. 
  • Breast/nursing pads. You’ll want these to stick inside your bra to catch anything. 
  • 2 nursing bras: there are two kinds that I'm liking right now... 
    • With clips in the back: I need the bras with the bra extenders because I have a wide back... they are also so much more comfortable to sleep with too!)
    • Without clips (more like a sports bra feel)
  • 2 nursing tanks
  • Underwear:
    • I remembered using LOTS of mesh undies from the hospital but I've also heard really great things about these disposable undies. Grabbed one pack to try them out. 
    • PS, I'm using these nontoxic pads for afterwards... they herbal-infused with lavender, mint, and aloe to help soothe the area!
  • Your own towel for showering (since hospital towels can be very small)
  • Breastfeeding:
    • A nursing pillow to help with breastfeeding.  I hated the nursing pillow I had for my first child so I upgraded to this one because I've heard it does amazing things for your posture. 
    • A breast pump in case you encounter any nursing issues. I have this one from my first pregnancy and I also plan on trying this hands friend one this time around. 
    • Hakka - the ultimate nursing hack (if you're a new mom and you're not using this, YOU MUST get it)
  • If you are doing placenta encapsulation, make sure you bring the cooler!  This is a priority for me.
  • Your own pillow with a pillow case that you don’t mind getting messy + your own comfy blanket
    • I was SO happy that I brought this to use after the baby was born and we spent our first night in the hospital
  • Comfy PJ's for post-baby
    • I'm either bringing these (got them super on sale) or these. Anything that gives you easy access for nursing. 
  • Going home outfit.... heard the best things about these fold-over joggers and matching top .... plus a super soft hoodie in the same color. (Confession: I've actually been wearing them well-before the birth, LOL. They are that comfortable). 
  • Extra bags
    • A wet/dry bag for clothing that gets wet/bloody/dirty but you want to keep and wash when you get home. Heard this is key!
    • Keep an extra bag in the car in case you want to take extra supplies from the hospital home (this will likely just be a reusable lululemon shopping bag!).

I will pack a diaper bag to bring in from the car once the baby is born.



  • Comfy sleep clothes
  • Bathing suit (if there is a laboring tub where he can join you!)
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletries bag
  • A few changes of clothes
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Folder to keep all paperwork together
  • Pen and small notebook…. it's helpful to sometimes write down stuff down that the doctors say quickly



  • Nipple Cream (use code: BALANCEDBEYARS for 15% off)
  • Dr. Bronner’s arnica cream for pain/back labor
    • I had really bad back labor with my first so this was a must!
  • Massage oil. This is great for your partner to use on you to help you relax between contractions!
  • If you hate chemical cleaners, your own cleaner in a small spray bottle to disinfect things at the hospital (I use Young Living Thieves) 
  • Mama Earth Perineal Spray for postpartum use
  • Upside Down Peri Bottle: I have heard incredible things about this one. The hospital will give you your own, but apparently the MomWasher makes recovery that much easier. Excited to give it a try!
  • Reusable and re-heatable mug + your own water bottles
  • Nut butters packets, protein fruit/nut bars, trail mix, and other high calorie foods for prolonged energy.
  • Coconut water: for hydration and electrolytes. I drank a TON of this during labor. 
  • Honey sticks, dried fruit, dates, or energy balls for a healthy dose of glucose fueled energy. (*Apparently, around 5 or 6cm dilation, your digestion somewhat shuts down... my midwife told me that honey sticks can be key here because of how simple they are for your body to get the glucose!)
  • Bone broth (I drank lots of this postpartum in the hospital and at was a lifesaver to get my energy back & start the healing process.)

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