Avocado Butternut Squash Quesadilla | Cinco De Mayo Meal

avocado black beans butternut squash cinco de mayo quesadilla May 07, 2020

This meal can be vegan, GF or DF if you want to sub some of the ingredients!

🥑2 whole wheat wraps
🥑1/2 cup grated organic sheep goat cheese
🥑1/4 cup organic black beans
🥑1/2 butternut squash (cut into small cubes and bake at 400 for 17 mins. you want them soft, but not mushy)
🥑1/2 avocado
🥑1/2 sweet onion *caramelized*
🥑1/3 cup shredded buffalo chicken, optional but SO GOOD (recipe in our feed)
🥑1/2 cup sour scream to serve, optional
🥑1/2 cup salsa or tomatoes to serve, optional
🥑1/4 cup fresh chives to serve, optional

substitute options:
-extra sharp cheddar, vegan @miyokoscreamery cheese or another DF cheese
@sietefoods or @foodforlifebaking Ezekiel wraps (they are just smaller)
-No chicken? No problem. Add in more beans to make it vegan


All the ingredients were rinsed, cut, or cooked prior putting it into the wrap. We used a big cooking skillet and sprayed olive oil then put 1 whole wheat tortilla down. We evenly sprinkled on the ingredients spread out, then put the other tortilla on top. Let it cook for a few minutes, or until the bottom of the tortilla gets crispy and browned. Once it’s golden crispy gently flip (with 2 spatulas lol) the quesadilla over and cook the other side for an additional 3-5 minutes, until browned. Remove from skillet and cut into 4 triangles. Serve hot with chopped chives, sour scream or fresh salsa!

Makes 4 huge pieces, so 1 quesadilla can serve 2 people. My boyfriend and I shared one… but it was so good, we made another!!!!

Pair it with our Coconut Margarita and you'll be all set :) 

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